1. H

    WTB: ***wanted*** 10mm 5x114 spacers

    as above, do have some 25mm (2xbolt on and 2xhubcentric slip on) for swaps if required
  2. sliding-r

    WTB: 20mm wheel spacers

    Have to be slip on.. Can only be eibach or h&r Cheers
  3. S

    New Clutch

    Hey Guys I think my clutch is starting to slip and i was just wondering if you guys knew of a good replacement?
  4. A

    Clutch slipping?

    Guys, I want to get your opionion on a symptom of a fault on my car.. For a few months now I have had what I can only describe as a slight slip of the clutch when the car initially comes onto boost at about 3000rpms. It was a split second slip of maybe 200rpms and then it was gone. At first...
  5. W

    Clutch engagement problems!!!

    I have just replaced my stock dual mass and clutch with a Jun lightweight flywheel and aftermarket clutch and im having issues with the clutch slipping. The clutch engages right at the top of the clutch pedal travel and after driving it for 200km its begun to slip in higher gears. Clutch must be...
  6. D

    alternator belt

    my alternator has started to slip is the s14 belt the same for the s15???
  7. D

    splutter splutter

    a couple times now, i'd driven the car and it's felt "spluttery". twice, was when the car was cold the other morning.... not like a constant mis-fire, just a little "chuggy". The car was not fully warm at this point, but, after stopping, turning off the car, going about, doing what i was doing...
  8. Topper

    S15 Helical Diff Explained

    Further to this thread: - I did some digging into the S15 Helical diff, as you can see from a recent Drift Uk event i attended (link above), the diff would apear to be not working correctly, only spinning up the inside wheels. However, this is what...