1. Jay

    Jay's black spec r

    just a couple of pics, fitted new wheels and coilovers and naturaly felt the need to get the camera out! and finally snaps of how it looked a fortnight ago!
  2. J

    found a nice spot :)

    hi, had the car just over a month and finally got a new bumper and got it painted. went for a drive and fount a nice spot so got some snaps :)
  3. DarioG

    Dario's s15 custom....

    Alrite people i think its about time i uploaded a few pictures of my Nissan The car has been an ongoing project for nearly 3 years now.. I have included several old snaps .. And some farley recent pictures... This is a picture of the car when i first got it...
  4. mint

    Mint VS Ian

    Who wins the battle.. you be the Judge............ Thanks to Thacko from for these snaps - Simply Epical Photo's!
  5. subzero

    Subzero V's Slammedmind - pics

    finally met another 15 owner , mr mind at heatwave 08 - dublin . heres a few snaps .
  6. R

    Finally got 18s!

    Photos dont do them justice as im sure most of you are aware but im so glad I finally settled on a set of rims and they look the goods. Pics arent the best just a few quick snaps at the time I got home..gotta wash her and then take some more :D Springs are on their way.... :cool:
  7. J

    New Shoes...

    Hey guys. Recently bought a myself a set of Nismo LMGT4's. Before fitting them on, i took them all to the backyard and scrubbed the back of the rims from the brake dust which as been left there for years!! It was tough, but it was worth it. Turned out nice and clean. Had a chance to put the...