1. K

    S15 starter motor

    Hey guys I have a 180 sx sr20 no turbo which has had a s15 6 speed gearbox put into it the starter motor has gone sooo which starter mototr would I be able to use or would I have to find a s15 one ????
  2. seilow

    how do you do to clean up the inside of the headlight ?

    hi there i have some mark in he inside of the heaad lamp but i don't know how to do ... sooo if you know ... ^^^ thanks
  3. D

    my day...

    as some of you may know, i've been floating about here for a couple weeks..... and.... i went to view an S15 today! MY GOD it's one of the best conditions i've seen one in! no dings at all! the only thing i noticed was a chip on the boot that'd been touched up! but nothing major! sooooo...