1. Jay-pan

    WTB: Drivers wind deflector

    ....sorted, Thanks.
  2. Sims77

    Spec R caliper

    Morning Bit of a urgent question if anybody can help. I've got my Spec-R in a garage as the passenger caliper has stuck on. Are they the same as an S14 caliper? Need to get this sorted ASAP Thanks.
  3. A

    Got my top mounts fitted & alignment sorted out. Before & after measurements :S

    Got my top mounts fitted & alignment sorted out. Before & after measurements :S Got the Cusco top mounts replaced on the fronts & then got the geometry & alignment sorted, I didn't think it handled badly before but it drives really well now, looking forward to some dry weather. (the rear camber...
  4. Parky

    WTB: Wanted: 60mm mechanical boost guage

    Admin, remove please! Sorted, delete me!
  5. Jay-pan

    WTB: Vertex lang rear bumper

    Rear bumper found, Aftermarket front bumper wanted!! Anyone got one for sale? or swap for standard bumper + cash? After the front bumper now, sorted the rear thanks.
  6. S15AK

    Do Luck rear cross bar help?

    Hi guys Ok so I've bought a Do Luck rear cross bar 2nd hand and we can't seem to get it to fit properly. Anyone on here fitted one to their s15? Edit... It's ok sorted it. Might has well close the thread if any of the admins want to.
  7. crazymat666

    runs bad when hot.

    right basically when the car is started its nice and smooth on idle but as soon as it gets warm after a drive it tends to be a abit bumpy on idle and the revs drop down now and then even randomly when driving along when all this is happening is seems abit hesitant .it did this before i had my...
  8. W

    Wayne s15 Spec R

    Ok guys at the mo theres no pics of my car that i have to person as to cut a long story short i have been completely shafted, but i cant go into detail yet as things are being sorted at the mo. But heres just a few pics of what i have purchased in the last 6 weeks or so just to get the ball...
  9. hendo

    Photo Downloader Link

    Thought I would post this link up to help people post photos, I had that trouble and Brisbane member Udi sorted me out. It's a free download so even better. Hope this helps. :thumbs:
  10. mook

    Graphics are complete

    Well, after plenty of hard work I've finally got the graphics all sorted. Here's some of the pics, hope you like :D
  11. subzero

    Plans for your s15 in 2009 ??

    well i do it every year , make out a list and try my best to get em done ... heres mine so far ... : Defi's - Get 3 defis and fit them ( just bought them last week so its on ) : Bonnet - Relaqure my Carbon bonnet . : Tyres - new set all round and get the camber sorted as its eating tires at a...
  12. ichi-go

    Carbon Canister

    I know it's for emission. I want to remove mine. What are the steps? Two goes to the manifold and one goes to the pipe in the passenger side which I was told leads to the fuel tank. The two that goes to the manifold can be sorted with blocking it with screws but what about the one that goes...
  13. P

    Coilover help please

    I've got a set of kei office coilovers fitted to my s15 and the springs are that hard the back end comes out over the slightest bump. Also dips in uneven road bring me right out of the seat. Can you get softer springs for them like 6/5's instead of 9/8's thats on and does anyone know where to...
  14. sushiming

    oil leak...

    hey guys ive got a leak but duno where its coming from its turbo side of the engine what can leak from that side is it more likely to be the turbo oil inlet pipe...?? need this sorted soon :(
  15. D


    Sold the s15 drift car some time ago now and have a new track car it's a 96 subaru impreza sti that we have converted to rwd boy is it fun to drive . This was me in it's first run out need to get the diff sorted and coilovers in it
  16. P

    No longer a virgin........of drift

    I finally learnt some of that sliding sideways stuff today. We had a skid and drift day at a local driver training center. It took a bit to get my head around at first but once I got used to the violence of it all I started getting it sorted, even linked a couple of...
  17. Nicely

    Coilovers fitted!

    Woohoo! Finally fitted my Apex coilovers on Friday (thanks to Juz on SXOC for the use of the ramp and air tools). Bit of a frig, as it appears the the base strut length needed to be different to which the S14 boys have been starting with... Go them sorted in the end though. The rear was pretty...
  18. Nicely

    Rolling Road result

    Well pleased with 277rwhp (207KW) @ 5700rpm and 286lb/ft (388 Nm)torque @ 4500rpm. :D Need to get my fuelling sorted again at the top end though... :rolleyes: