1. K

    Car Audio buying

    Hi all,Could someone recommend any shops(online as well) for buying car stereo and speakers please? Thanks a lot Peter
  2. S

    What head-unit and front speakers are you all running?

    Okay, so was wondering if some of you could show me what head units their running in their s15 and if there any good? Ideally I'm after a double din... Doesn't have to be anything too expensive or fancy.. However would like a touch screen with more screen then buttons if possible just to look...
  3. FaberNZ.blaaack-S15

    speaker cut out. amp problem?

    ok guys this has been an issue for a while now have tried fixing it all the time can't figure it out so i'll ask you experts. So one time i cranked up my volume loud in my car and it sort of just stopped like it it blew but not sure what happened. So now when i go to turn the volume up my rear...
  4. J


    hi, does anyone what size speakers are in the front doors? looking to upgrade to some hertz speakers so i can rid of my hertz subs. thanks james
  5. Fruitbooter

    FS: Kenwood Double-din CD player

    Its a Kenwood DPX-400 Its in fab condition and produces great sound quality on my standard speakers. Looking for £60 posted. Help a poor guy out :D
  6. J

    Jays S15 Autech

    Hey all I'm from the Redlands, brisbane area massive s15 boy, I'm 19 and come from a family filled with import lovers. (copied from my ns.com build thread so some of the info has changed a bit and what not) Cant be bothered to make a huge build thread or what not but Ill just run you through the...
  7. B

    quick speaker question

    can anyone confirm what size are the speakers in the back of a s15 please?
  8. B

    new speakers.

    right.. i fitted a sub and amp last week.. perfect.. working fine... then i go to put in 6x9 speakers.. they dont fit... so i made them fit.... :annoyed::annoyed: ... so everytime i go over a ramp or anything they cut out all the speakers... to get them working again.. all i have to do is pull...
  9. K

    Front component speakers

    Hey guys, Its time for me to do something to my stock speakers setup. I already have a 2 din JDM Alpine headunit. Now I'm looking for a good front component speaker. In one of my previous cars, I used Kicker RS6 or RX6 (can't remember), it was top of the range and cost me quite a pretty...
  10. D

    S15 speakers

    What size are front speakers in S15?
  11. R

    Stereo thoughts...

    Hey guys, anyone know if the Stock stereo speakers are the same in all S15s? And if so when installing a stereo would you upgrade the standard speakers or would you just connect them to an amp? I currently have a 5 channel Alpine amp in my possesion which I took out of my old car before I sold...
  12. F


    ok thought i might start a thread in the car audio section......what audio components make up your system. alpine 9825 head deck dls front and rear speakers fusion encounter 12" sub-woofer fusion 4 channel amp...