1. S

    FS: 5 Speed Manual Gearbox

    For sale is a manual 5 speed gearbox removed from a 200sx S14a. I bought as an impulse as a possible spare but just taking up space in my garage now. I've never used it so can't confirm its condition but was told it was a good condition box. The input shaft cover is broken so will need...
  2. A

    Nissan SR20DET Starter

    Hello everyone, my car is Nissan Silvia Spec R Turbo S15. It was original come with 4 speed automatic transmission but it was converted to 5 speed manual from Silvia S14a. My car starter now worn out so the question here is i need to use starter from S14 or S15? Thanks everyone.
  3. C

    Cube speed short shifter

    My shifter feels very lose and was thinking of buying a cube speed short shifter. Has anyone ever fitted one of these and what are they like?
  4. cviesins

    Speedo Help

    Hey guys, I need some help please. Ive got a 2000 Spec R that I've RB swapped. Its a RB25DET NEO with a wiring specialties harness and a Haltech Platnium Pro Plug In ECU for a R34 GTT. I would like to get my speedo working, but need some help on getting it hooked up and functioning. I'm not...
  5. R

    FS: S15 6 Speed Manual conversion

  6. vancouvers15

    Speedo and Odo problem

    Speedo isn't working and odometer isn't accumulating. 5 speed box and using Power FC. Hand module also not registering speed. ABS light on, front ABS sensors removed. ABS Controller (passenger side of engine bay) is plugged in. ABS ecu next to PFC appears to be connected. Likely the VSS...
  7. G

    6 Speed Autech Flywheel - what clutch?

    Hi, Been told a 5 speed clutch will fit the single mass lightened Autech flywheel for my 6 speed S15 gearbox. For reference I am fitting a 6 speed to my SR20DE for closer ratios, and ideally would like to match the lightened flywheel with a nice 3 puk clutch or similar. Just wanted to confirm...
  8. S

    front wipers not working on intermittant and not parking properly, likely cause?

    hey hey. just wondering if anyone has had the same fault as me? my wipers go at the regular speed when on intermittant. constant speed no pause between passes regardless of the interval dial position. they wont park properly either, you have to time the switch to get them to stop at the bottom...
  9. D

    S15 Motor Swap Questions

    Hey guys, I did some searching and came up with nothing, I apologize in advance if there is already a topic on this. I recently got an insanely good deal on an S15 Spec S (N/A and auto) and since I got it for so cheap and the chassis is so clean I figure I will just swap an SR20DET into this...
  10. M

    S14 clutch into s15 na sr20de??

    As above will the s14 sr20det clutch and flywheel fit my s15 sr20de 5 speed ? any help greatly appreciated
  11. K

    FS: S15 SR20det complete drop in package

    I am selling the complete drop-in engine package from my s15 as I am planning on going rb. Included in the sale will be everything I can to leave it as a full conversion. The car was imported last year from japan and I am the first owner here. It has 66k km's atm and I think I only put 6k on it...
  12. N

    FS: Orc 559 twin plate clutch and flyhweel, for s15 6 speed

    ORC 559 Twin plate clutch and flywheel from a s15 6 speed, as you know ORC clutches are known to be one the best on the market. Came off a s15 2.1L with 480BHP and held the power with no issues no slips and plenty of life left on the plates. Very road friendly clutch and easy bite. Only reason...
  13. A

    Newbie considering buying S15

    Hi, I am Andy from Edinburgh in Scotland. I currently drive a Mitsubishi Legnum VR4 but for various reasons I am considering buying a Spec R S15 aero Silvia. I would be looking for one with low miles (50,000 or less) that has not been abused with few modifications although basic things like...
  14. S

    Clutch question...

    Hi, I've got an s15 spec s which is a factory 5 speed manual. I'm currently in the process of swapping an sr20det motor into it. I want to change the clutch before the engine goes in just for piece of mind. Can I use an s14/s14a clutch or does it have to be one for an s15 5 speed box? Does the...
  15. Mycool

    WTB: 6 speed short shifter???

    Hi guys, ive been looking for a 6 speed short shifter for my s15 spec r. Ive been looking for one for absolutely ages now. & have purchased 2 where i was told its suitable but once received they always seem to be for 5 speed lol. Any about? Cheers
  16. FreakensNL

    Ecu function white/purple wire

    What does the ecu use the speed signal for? I installed a nismo cluster but still have the 180-190 km speed cut :( if I cut the white/purple wire the ecu doesn't know the speed right and i can go 280?? What does the ecu do with the speed signal?
  17. Packham

    6 Speed Release Bearing Part Number

    Hi all Just wondering which is the correct one for an s15 6 speed? http://2008.yiparts.com/Part/en/SVMS http://2008.yiparts.com/Part/en/HPOM Thanks :)
  18. fez06

    what speed can you expect from a 6 speed box with standard diff

    For arguments sake let say legally
  19. Larsz

    FS: S15 spec R 6 speed

    Up for sale is my old 6 speed of my S15. I changed to a Z33 gearbox and since I moved I dont have the space for the old one. I know it is a long shot selling it on here because I am from the Netherlands, but who knows. Its in good condition, all sensors still attached, no crunches just a small...
  20. gazzaspencer


    hi guys and girls i like to introdue myself to your forum the names Gaz im the newbie and im a speed freak:wave: so after looking on this site an unhealthy amount recently, toying this the idea of selling my first love, a "sensible" toyota starlet gt daily (no chav jokes please) and buying an...