1. C

    Anyone want to take me for a spin?

    So I’m 99% sure I’m after one, but every time I take my Subaru out I think I might regret it! has anyone got one in the Northwest so I can have a proper look around one? Spending 15k on something I haven’t seen is a bit crazy! Lol thanks Chris
  2. Parky

    Trial fitted my new wheels today...

    I decided to go for 3SDM 0.01, 18x8.5 ET15 front, 18x9.5 ET18 rear. Think the rears stick out too way much and I might have to see if I can swap them for another pair of 8.5"s rather than spending money on wide arch kits, when I haven't even bought tyres yet..! Think they suit the car...

    Help me out with manifolds/elbows

    hey guys, My friend is staying in Japan next month so you know what that means...JDM goodies for me!:smitten: So I've been looking into turbo manifolds and I've got a question. Is there any real reason to buy the more expensive HKS, Trust, JIC manifolds over the Tomei one? I have not heard any...
  4. J

    All show and no go

    Clutch seems to have given up the ghost :( Thanks Nicely for he 'private' diagnosis over the festive period! :thumbs: Just awaiting a quote now on OEM replacement parts. Oh goody, more spending :rolleyes: