1. N

    FS: Brand new Greddy Profec electronic boost controller

    Ordered this through the group buy on SXOC however have decided the money would be better spent elsewhere on the car. Just asking what i paid for it, £260 posted Cheers
  2. C

    S15 FTW Chapter 3........

    About time i started a project thread for this seeing things have started happening. little history, had a fair few cars when i was young from civic ek9's to a seriously cool escort cabby with a rs2000 engine one summer :cool:, then when i was 19, got a s14a spent loads on it and even got a...
  3. Sparky

    2000 Black Spec R

    Hi Guys, Recently purchased a black Spec R, 2000 from Liam in Staffs. A one owner car, totally original with Aero kit. Am made up with how it drives and am getting used to RWD again after 19 years with my modified Cherry Turbo ! Have just fitted a Teac touch screen head unit and am in the...
  4. P


    How do! My names Pez, living in Stafford, I'm a resistance weld engineer... ...and I have no S ...but with any luck it will be on a boat in the next few weeks!! I've always been impressed with 'em, but after many an hour spent on Forza recently I fell in love with the S15 - my Spec S will be...
  5. meddler

    Want to drive an F1 car?

    I have shamelessly stolen this from another forum I am on. Do you want be an F1 driver for a day. At $5500 euros. I reckon it would be money well spent! http://www.renaultf1.com/IMG/pdf/feel_it_brochure2-3.pdf
  6. B

    WTB: s15 clutch and brake pedal (include pins)

    searching for them. would spent 150euro include shippingcosts to germany.
  7. LuPix_S15

    JTS - Pics & Report *Nissan GTR* *Driftworks S15* *Time Attack* plus more!!

    Howdy :wave: Went down to Silverstone for some JTS action on the weekend and had a brill time!! Despite some drizzles on the way to the show, the rain held off and it was nice cloudy weather which is always good for car photography... One of the main attractions for me was to see an example...
  8. J


    Just spent a few mins updating my profile on here and added my Myspace url. Just wondered if any of you other good people are on there.
  9. Yakozan

    Badger time :)

    If you're truly super bored, have a look at this. Think I spent like 30min watching this :wack: http://www.badgerbadgerbadger.com/
  10. sushiming

    A bit different but not bad

    S14/R34 look ok I think a bit of money spent on it anyway