1. FreakensNL

    Detonation Cans

    He fellow S-owners, I'm busy getting a good Knock-Detection-System, building this: Earmuffs with a air hose attached to the blok. Seems simple, and simple solution are the best! :D Anyone tried this on a SR20DET? any good results...
  2. T

    car not running properly

    I was out for a drive yesterday and I dropped it from 6 th gear to 3rd and when I hit 4rpm the car felt like it hit a flat spot and didn't want to give anymore. The car feels like stuttering when you try and push it .
  3. Jay-pan

    Speed dial and temp

    Hi guys, Just had my car converted from KMH-MPH but when below 50 its totally fine reads spot on. Then soon as I go above 50 it starts waving around and some times just sits at 0. Now i think its the little converter device is faulty so got a new one sent out free of charge. But is there...
  4. J

    found a nice spot :)

    hi, had the car just over a month and finally got a new bumper and got it painted. went for a drive and fount a nice spot so got some snaps :)
  5. spoonman

    HICAS how do you tell if you have got it or not?

    This might seam like a stupid question but i would like some confirmation if my car has HICAS or not, up until now i did not think so as i cant see what i would think are steering arms on the rear of my car, untill i thought i would check the combo meters bulbs and theres one in the spot for...
  6. Y

    WTB: clutch release bearing

    title really says it all, I'm looking for a clutch release bearing. Or if anyone knows a good spot to get one cheers folks.
  7. R

    FS: My Evo for your S15?

    Howdy Just wondering if anyone would be interested in a deal with a Mitsi Evo VII GSR Evo 7 GSR, 65k miles - huge amount of history, receipts for everything. Just serviced inc AYC and new spark plugs. Just had new brake discs and carbotech pads all round Just had coilovers and top mounts...
  8. G

    Whats different about this picture??

    Can anyone spot whats different about this Dial cluster than the ones you normally see in an S15??
  9. P

    New member

    Well i've been on here for a little while now and whilst being here i've had alot of help. Everyone is spot on and my s15 is on its way, so now im a contributing member. Just want to say thanks to everyone for help etc :thumbs: