1. B

    Clunking from rear :( Help p

    Don't worry, I've searched When cornering (right hand turn, weight on back LHS wheel, I've developed a clunking. I know sort of what to look for, so first things first jacked up the car and removed both wheels, I've got nismo lowering springs (not fitted by me). I noticed that on the springs...
  2. Limitless Imports

    S15 Goodies

    Have a few parts currently in stock that might interest a few of you guys. Yashio Factory Shift Knob + Shift Boot Set with spin knob - Sold S15 Rare Oem Optional extra bumper exhaust guard -£60+ £5 delivery Small dent, weather trim all intact. Very rare not seen another for sale S15 Autech...
  3. L

    FS: OEM S15 Spec R suspension

    Item for Sale: Oem S15 Spec R suspension (Struts & Springs) Price: Offers/£40 (i dont know what theyre worth) delivery at buyers cost, but prefer collection or can meet you at motorway services nearby Location: Horsham, West Sussex Condition: As you would expect, around 50K miles, no knocking...
  4. S

    Boot springs

    Hi, Can someone post a picture of how the boot springs are fitted? The previous owner removed them and I want to fit them but not sure how. Unless anybody knows of any gas struts that fit? Thanks
  5. S

    New S15 Owner!!

    Hi all, Just brought myself an S15 from a previous member on this site. I was originally in the process of searching for one in Japan and then I saw this one for sale and just had to have it!! Luckily I'm using it as just a weekend and show car so I've got big plans for it under the bonnet as...
  6. vinnie

    Hks Springs

    Right just seen these HKS springs on eBay. Anyone have them on there car or any advise on them? Hope the link works.. http://bit.ly/1nGJXA8
  7. John-

    WTB: Lowering springs for S15

    Looking for lowering springs for my S15 whilst I'm saving for some coil-overs, seen that Tein ones have been mentioned a bit and seem to sit nice! Cheers, John
  8. I

    WTB: Lowering Springs

    Hi, I'm looking for lowering springs to fit the koni yellow I ordered. Ideally, a set specifically designed for the S15 would be great (ex : Tein S-tech or Nismo) Else, I want a quite low rate to keep my S15 very drivable on the bumpy roads here : no more than 4/3 for example. Thank you.
  9. I

    Spring rate choice and Front / Rear distribution

    Hello, I'm looking for springs to fit the koni yellow I ordered. (Please no debate on this choice vs coilover, for this budget, I think it's the best solution) I want a setup for road driving, and particularly bumpy roads... And I wonder what to choose... Reading this topic, I think...
  10. R-Spec

    S-tunes : Red&Silver vs Yellow&Blue

    Hi all, I've purchased second hand Red&Silver S-Tunes springs and dampers to replace leaking Yellow&Blue which I had on from import. They both say "S-Tune" and reportedly from S15 and from looking previous I thought they were just a newer/older model...However... come to fit them and the...
  11. E

    FS: Tein Type HR Coilovers with Top Mounts

    For sale I have a set of Tein type HR coilovers for the S14/S15 with the valuable adjustable top mounts for the front. They're 2nd hand but I've never used them myself. I bought them with the intention of fitting them but they need a bit of work and I lucked into some very cheap BC springs...
  12. W

    S15 Nismo Shocks and Springs

    Hey guys Ive got a Spec R S15 with a Nismo Shock and Spring set up in it. The cars a daily driver and the set up is a bit stiff for everyday. Im curious does anyone else have these springs and or shocks? Or know anything about them? Links to the pics here: http://tinypic.com/r/30xefpf/6...
  13. L

    FS: new hks cams and springs

    as heading new in the boxes hks step 2 264 cams and springs to suit... £600 call anytime on 07866739879 liam
  14. U

    Suspension too stiff - opinions wanted

    I bought an Spec-S Silvia to use as a daily driver and got some KTS coilovers. Now the ride is way too stiff for my taste. Now the coilovers are mandatory since I want the car to look good, but is there any way I could make them more comfortable? I think the default spring rates are 8kg and 6kg...
  15. fadli256

    18x8 42 offset for Stock S15

    Found a set of TE37 with above mentioned offset (all around). Currently running on stock suspension with lowered springs. Can anyone give a bit of feedback? Couldnt find the answers in the wheel thread
  16. sjt47y

    VTC and uprated springs

    Hi Guys I think this topic could have been touch many times. but cannot find answer relating to this problem that i am facing, need expert help. I know the vtc is a very common issue. further digging i think this problem can also be caused by uprated aftermarket springs. I do not recall...
  17. P

    Set of HI-TEC Lowering springs -35mm/-40mm £85 delivered TUV approved Made in Germany

    Grab these while you can :) Set of 4 powder coated lowering springs for your S15. Will lower the car by -35 to -40mm Made by FK-Automotive in Germany. These are the proper job. They are made in Germany and have full TUV approval. Part number is FKNI021 They have them on special offer...
  18. U

    Udi's S15

    2002 Spec-R GT Bought off an old man with 27,000 on the clock, bone stock Done a few little things to it: - HKS Silent Hi-Power tbe, FMIC, JDM ecu - RAYS Gram Lights 57maximum, Potenza 050A's - R33 Front calipers, 296mm slotted rotors - Adjustable camber/caster/traction/toe rods, lower springs -...
  19. A

    FS: Used S15 Nismo suspension for sale

    I've just swapped out my Nismo suspension for coilovers.. I am not sure if one of the rear shocks has gone? There is no visible damage to it or any signs of leaks and H-Dev could find nothing wrong with it, but best to mention it just in case. Its the blue Nismo suspension with yellow...
  20. D

    lowering springs with standard shocks??

    Heys guys Im thinking of putting in 30 or 40mm lowering springs into the 15 with standard shocks, how do you think they would hold up? I drive it everyday as my daily, not too bad roads and I always crawl over bumps etc.. Will I be ok as far as the oem shocks go? Thanks