1. G

    Spec S SR20DE

    Hi All, Here will be my build thread. I have a reletively standard S15 Spec S. Modifications from import are: - Tein Streetflex suspension (Need to change) - Kakimoto 4inch exhaust (Will change as soon as i find a good exhaust place) - Recaro front drivers seat (Want to change for standard...
  2. G

    WTB: S15 Spec S SR20DE WANTED

    After an SR20DE VVT to replace my broken one. Will consider any mileage / condition engine as long as it runs and doesn't knock / have compression issues. Contact me on here or on 0758 four six five 1766. Thanks
  3. G

    WTB: SR20DE Distributor

    Need an SR20DE distributor, as complete as possible but any parts will be helpful as mine is super old and causing starting issues. Close to Sussex as possible ideally. Call / Text on O 7 5 8 four six five 1 7 6 6 if you have anything, or comment / PM :)
  4. G

    Where to find a distributor for SR20DE?

    Hi, I have an NA Qs S14 with the bentcam SR20DE; same engine as in Spec S S15s. These have a distributor as opposed to individual coilpacks. Mine has an intermittent starting issue where 50% of the time it'll crank and crank and crank until it either randomly fires up and runs without issue or...
  5. H

    FS: S15 bits

    1x SR20DE 60mm ( believe SR20DET is only 50mm) Throttle Body, clean as a whistle £70 1x Set of SR20DE Cams (apparently a slight upgrade to standard DET cams) absolutely no wear at all (64k old) £90 Autech SR20DE "FGK" Stainless manifold £110 Pics upon request Open to reasonable...
  6. B

    Distributor Rotor Arm for 2001 SR20DE

    Hi All PLEASE HELP Sorry to bring this up Again but have searched the forum and no answers found Car Runs but misses badly due to Excessive wear on Rotor Arm Nissan Main Dealer says he cant trace the correct part numbers for the Rotor Arm or Distributor cap. Car is a 2001 S15 SR20DE On...
  7. M

    S14 clutch into s15 na sr20de??

    As above will the s14 sr20det clutch and flywheel fit my s15 sr20de 5 speed ? any help greatly appreciated
  8. E

    Service for Spec s

    Hi people, Sorry if this is a silly question, i'm looking to service a spec s and it's mainly coming up with Almera stuff as they are both sr20de, just wanted to make sure that this stuff will be fine for a 15
  9. M

    WTB: Interior and engine bay parts needed!

    Hi Guys, I'm after some interior parts : Interior : - A-pillar complete except the boost gauge. - Door card parts for both sides see picture : Engine Bay : - SR20DE RWD S15 Rockercover - S15 Cooling panel Carbon or Fiberglass - S15 SR20DE Airfilter Cover Top part : Send me a PM if you...
  10. D

    WTB: SR20DE upgraded header

    Does anyone happen to have an upgraded header for the SR20DE? Please let me know if you do.
  11. Nissan_S15

    SR20DE Uprated Header/manifold - Where to buy?

    Hey guys, Would somone here be able to point me in the right direction of an uprated header/manifold for my S15 Spec S SR20DE engine? Any links would be appreciated ;) Regards Ash
  12. s15Irl

    *HELP* Spec s spark plugs/ignition leads

    Hi, I have possibly asked this before but can anyone tell me a part number for as above spark plugs for a spec s? Will any sr20de plugs suit? Thanks!
  13. E

    WTB: S15 SR20DE NA distributor cap and rotor 2001

    S15 SR20DE NA 2001 distributor cap and rotor nr on distributor itself 22100 65F12 on cap T716 on rotor T257 my Dutch Nissan dealer can not deliver any of these numbers if there is someone in UK, Japan or Australia which can order this at his local dealer and send these parts to me (in the...
  14. E

    FS: S15 SR20DE NA exhaust manifold

    for sale exhaust manifold good condition (170.000km) SR20DE normally aspirated engine email for pictures €100,-
  15. s15Irl

    WTB: SR20DE aftermarket manifold

    Hi there, I'm looking for a manifold its for a spec s. Been looking for one for a while but to no avail! As far as I'm told any SR20DE RWD manifold will fit so s14/200sx or s13/180sx.. Any brand considered. Must be in good condition with no cracks.. Cash waiting!
  16. C

    WTB: S15 SR20DE N/A exhaust manifould

    Hi, Does anyone have S15 SR20DE standard exhaust manifold? We have SR20DE in s13 LHD and we have APEX 4-1, but it cant fit there, because of the steering on exhaust side. I know, that OEM S15 SR20DE fits there. Hopefully you have it. Thanks
  17. G

    Spes S maf code

    I have a 22680 53J00.. This works well with NN SR20DE ecu (Spec S) ? Or what is the maf to the ecu? :rolleyes:
  18. K

    Hi all just brought my 1st s15 and have a few questions!

    Hi, Ive just had a year 2000 Silver S15 Spec S with 50000 miles imported from Japan as I have always loved s15s but never really thought about getting one until recently. As was going to give it an oil change was wondering what was the best grade oil for the sr20de as everything I can find seems...
  19. the doctor

    broken injectors

    hey, does anyone know the correct size of injectors SR20DET S15 hear everything from 370 to 480cc I can use SR20DE injectors, or injectors nissan GTST?
  20. B

    FS: Sr20de engine, low mileage

    Selling my sr20de engine, great runner with only around 50,000 miles, just the engine for sale, no ancillaries or wiring loom, can come with auto ecu if wanted for free! £150 collected open to offers