1. Z

    WTB: Looking to Buy S15 Seat with Airbag

    Hey guys. As the title explains. I am looking to buy either a drivers side seat on its own, or a set of s15 seats with the SRS airbags in the seats. Willing to pay reasonably well depending on condition ect. Also willing to swap a set of GT leather seats with cash your way if you have a set...
  2. C

    FS: Passenger SRS airbag

    I have a spare S15 SRS passenger airbag unit for sale Unused (obviously). What you see is what you get. £40 delivered
  3. meddler

    Injector type

    Guys, I have a question regarding the injectors fitted to the S15 SR20. Are they side feed or top feed? I have found that the early SR's were side feed, but I believe that there were also top feed SR's around too. Can anyone confirm what are actually fitted to our cars. The reason behind...
  4. jp

    What engine swop have you done into your S15?

    Am posting this just out of curiosity: do many S15 owners do engine-swops? I'm not talking SRs for SRs, I'm wondering have many people on here swopped their SRs for RBs, VQs, etc etc? If so, what reasons have you swopped? :)
  5. K

    WTB: JDM S15 Steering Wheel with working SRS Airbag

    Hello, Wanting to purchase a JDM S15 Steering Wheel with working SRS Airbag unit. PM me if you have one.