1. Surfing Boris

    Hks ssqv

    I have brought the HKS SSQV and want to fit it but it looks like I need to move the fuse box out the way and it doesn't say any way to do it, if I undo the bolts will it simply lift out of the way? And so I really need to unplug the negative battery terminal?
  2. M4TT

    WTB: Hks ssqv

    Looking for a genuine HKS SSQV, if anyone has one for sale please give me a shout :) Thanks Matt Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. dave_t

    WTB: Hks ssqv gold insert

    After a GOLD insert for my HKS SSQV. anyone have one lying around that they want to get rid of? example pic: pm me for quickest response -David
  4. S

    What BOV do you have and why?

    Title pretty much says it. Im just confused on which bov to go with im leaning towards the hks ssqv for now. What you guys have
  5. Mike

    WTB: Hks ssqv + Hks (Silent) hi-power exhaust

    As per title, anyone wanna flog me either? :):D
  6. S

    question about hks ssqv

    hi guys im starting to collect bits for my car as its only a few weeks away now!!! im after a BOV and seems the hks ssqv is a common one, but was just wondering if i need an S15 specific one or a universal one!! ive done some searching but still a bit unsure what the S15 specific one will have...
  7. D

    FS: Brand new and packaged HKS ssqv return kit

    Hey everyone, I've got a genuin HKS ssqv recirculation kit for sale if anyone is interested. Getting hold of one of these things is rather difficult and for some reason I've got two of them now. Not looking to make any money on it so £60 is what i paid for it and that's what I'm selling it for...
  8. LuPix_S15

    HKS SSQV Installed: Video + Question

    Folks, Managed to grab some time this morning and ripped out the Blitz BOV which was welded to the hotpipe - replaced this with OEM black hotpipe. Then continued to remove the OEM re-circ system and replaced this with the SSQV kit I bought from SRB Power :) However, I didn't get enough time...
  9. LuPix_S15

    SSQV recirc pipe- where do I get one from??

    Ok - before I can carry on and install the new SSQV inc. recirc adaptor which arrived this week (woop!!) I need to get hold of this long recirc tube/pipe which replaces the horrible OEM plastic item (the one that goes flat and runs across front of engine block etc. But I've gone through all my...
  10. LuPix_S15

    Need Advice - HKS SSQV Recirc Setup

    Alrightee folks, Due to the fact that my current BOV setup is most likely causing hunting problems with the S15 when idling and... I'm getting well fed up of the chavy whoooooosh noise on every gear change, I'm deffo gonna make the HKS SSQV recirc my next mod :thumbs: So here' my current...
  11. E

    about swaping ssqv bov and blitz bov

    hello there, 1st time posting a thread here hehe xD can i swap directly a hks ssqv bov and a blitz bov? or do i need to get new adapter for it. p.s : trying to swap with a friend's bov :wack:
  12. T

    Hose diameters

    Well... I'm semi skint at the mo but slowly tidying up a few loose ends on the silvia. I've got it to a good state now and replaced a couple of old/worn parts here and there and now I just need to aesthetically tidy things up (well.... actually I would like to recirc my SSQV so if I have to buy...
  13. D

    Hks ssqv flutter noise!

    Hi lads anyone know how to get more off a flutter sound rather than the normal whishhhh..... heard an other s15 with a serious flutter sound with the same bov only diff is he had an upgraded fmic mine is standard..... Any help for me also my valve has the norm silver insert heard that might make...
  14. A

    hks ssqv

    hi lads i got a hks SSQV,,i fitted it to the car,but on test drive the car almost stalled when coming to a stop anyone have any ideas,,i got it off apex performance on friday,,took it back out and put back in the recirculating valve and its running grand again,, when it was in if i revved the...
  15. M

    Meddys S14 Kouki (Not an S15 but its a Silvia!)

    Well finally got some pics of the car taken today, but forgot to take one of the engine bay. Spec is fairly stock at the minute other than. Kakimoto Exhaust Apex Front pipe and decat Apexi Induction Kit Greddy FMIC Cusco Coilovers Drift King Alloys Re-circ'd HKS SSQV There will be much more...