1. tooley

    White S15 Leamington

    I was in my R34 Stagea.
  2. tooley

    White s15 Coventry!!!

    Who has the white s15 in cov!! I drove past you by KFC near sainsburys. i was in my white stagea. I never see other owners in my s15 only when I'm in the stagea lol!! looking good!!
  3. tooley

    Grey s15 carbon bonnet m50

    Just passed me opposite side of road! I was in my white stagea. Was if you jase?
  4. LuPix_S15

    FS: Nissan Stagea RS (RB25DET) Masa R34 Conversion *FOR SALE*

    Hi all, Just putting feelers out since I absolutely love my Stagea but... I've now decided it's the right time to invest in a dedicated track weapon which will most likely be a Nissan S14a :) This Stagea is very special... even though all Stageas are ultra rare in the UK!. She was freshly...
  5. LuPix_S15

    Stagea @ Totally Modified RR Session

    Hey guys :) Last weekend, I was asked by Chris from new magazine coming out called Totally Modified to take some pics of their rolling road session at Hi-Tech Performance in Cradley Heath. Subsequently, I booked my Stagea to have a run as well since I wanted to make sure everthing's sweet in...
  6. LuPix_S15

    My Stagea - New Rims + Photoshoot Pics

    Hola :wave: As some of you guys will know and Mike has already seen in the flesh, decided the R34 GTR rims which came with the Stagea are not 'agressive' looking enough on such a big boat lol... so... after long consideration I decided to sell the GTR alloys (thanks Mike!) and go for a set of...
  7. LuPix_S15

    FS: 18x9 *R34 GTR* Alloy Wheels

    ** PRICED TO SELL £600 ** Hi, For sale is a full set of R34 GTR alloy wheels which is coming off my Stagea as I've puchased a new set of 18" rims to replace them with. They are bronze in colour - all include centre caps. Since I'm swapping the tyres over this sale is WHEELS ONLY :) These...
  8. LuPix_S15

    Not for sale :d

    Good news... As of this morning I've decided not to sell my S15 :) I think putting her up for sale has made me taken an instant back seat in terms of modding/spending cash on her and reflect on my priorities as a father of two young boys etc. Missus won't be happy but she's always been...
  9. LuPix_S15

    Littleknocks Stagea (R35 GTR Conversion)

    Ok folks... Sorry it's been a long time coming... I'm not usually slow with pics but had loads to deal with recently :wack: Here are the pics of Martin's amazing Stagea with R35 GTR front end conversion :eek: :thumbs: :notworthy: Martin - hope you like the pics mate and...
  10. S

    R33 Subframe

    Is R33 Subframe same as C34 Stagea subframe? I wanna do the conversion to pack out 25mm on each side. I know the C34 Stagea subframe def will but not sure R33 will.
  11. D

    Pictures: Nissan Stagea

    Here is some pictures of a Nissan Stagea that I took. //Daniel
  12. S

    Hello from Perth Western Australia

    Hello all ! I just picked up a 2002 S15 Spec R GT, I must say its nice to be driving an sr20DET again, ( I had one in my old n14 pulsar that I did a turbo conversion to ) the car is pretty much stock , 3 inch turbo back exhaust, springs and shocks and a head unit and thats about it...
  13. S

    Stagea Subframe to pack out rear

    I heard that Stagea rear subframe is bolt on for S15 rear and they can pack out 20-25mm so is it possible?
  14. H

    Hello from Melbourne Oz

    hello all, Just join and wanted to say hello. :) I'm an importer for Jap cars and I drive a Supra and coming soon a Stagea Not much else to say really. Cheers, Thuy