1. JDM_virgin

    FS: Apex stainless steel intake

    bling up your engine bay with some stainless goodness. Brand new comes with the silicon connections and I will throw in four jubilee clips with the sale. Had this for ages just never got around to fit it and now I've deleted my dump valve its easier for me to block the rubber pipe than a...
  2. T

    FS: forsale s15

    car is 2002 was imported for me by torque gt all paperwork present[includingthe jap stuff] 63000 miles converted on import have cert to prove outside is aero apart from front bumper which is standard with foglights and a abflug splitter/under tray 3inch exhaust tomei stainless manifold and turbo...
  3. S

    FS: stainless cat back

    Unbranded cat back. Tatty but functional. Hanger needs re welding but I can always get that done. £100.
  4. gaz15

    WTB: apex stainless intake pipe for OEM AFM

    As above anyone got the apex stainless intake pipe for the OEM AFM for sale, as apexperformance have discontinued it they only have the z32 one, cheers
  5. gaz15

    Stainless intake pipe

    Anyone know where to get the stainless intake pipe for the OEM AFM ? I emailed apexperformance, they only have the intake pipe for the Z32, They have discounted the OEM one :down:
  6. Parky

    FS: Stainless manifold and 3" japspeed downpipe

    Toyosports stainless manifold for SR20DET, bought 2nd hand and never fitted to my car, no cracks or damage, want what I paid for it which is £65 posted. 3" Japspeed down pipe with flexi section, bought new last week, fitted for only a few days so in practically as new condition, £95 posted...
  7. S

    WTB: SR20DET Top Mount Manifold

    Looking for an SR20DET top mount manifold for a T3 turbo. Not looking to spend a lot. Just need something to put in for the time being. Prefer cast iron, but if you have a stainless, I may still be interested. No cracks or damage please.
  8. S

    Any decent welders out there?

    Well, my exhaust manifold has a pretty extreme crack that needs repair. Pretty much the bit that holds the external wastegate has nearly broken off. Anyone able to weld a stainless steel manifold? I'll post up some pics when I get home. It's pretty bad.....:cry:
  9. adzsy

    Help with valuation? RB25 S15.

    For insurance purposes more than anything but also for my own interest. What are your thoughts on the value of my S15 i.e. what would you be willing to pay if you wanted it. Here is the Spec and some pics. Oh and I have put the standard rear lights back in! Spec List General RB25 powered Pewter...
  10. superK

    FS: Stainless Steel Decat For Sale

    Decat for sale, stainless steel, as pics €40 can post if needs be.
  11. M

    Mintys wide spec r

    My Daily Dmax S15 So i finally did it and got one. Long train journey up to wales yesterday but well worth it as the drive back was awesome. Have alot of plans for it such as touching up the bodywork including new front bumper and refurb the wheels. Luckly any of the damage it has is only on...
  12. J0R04N

    Gauging Interest!!!!

    I am currently building a custom battery relocation kit to allow a stock sized battery to be used. I know a lot of you have had to switch to smaller battery's when fitting a FMIC which tend not to work to well due to there size. The main part of the kit is the battery cage which will fit on...
  13. N

    s15 using water

    Hey guys I've noticed my silvia is using water, the radiator is down just a little from the top, it is turboed and was wondering where it could be going? the head gasket has been replaced with a stainless head gasket
  14. D

    FS: Aluminium cooling panel

    Covers the area between the headlights, complete with stainless steel bolts. £35 posted :)
  15. J0R04N

    J0RD4N's S15 Spec R

    Here is my S15 i had imported from Tokyo. Spec's so far; Enigine HKS Super Power Flow Air Filter HKS Downpipe HKS Silent CAT Back Exhaust System John Ashley Custom Decat HKS Turbo Timer HKS SSQV ( Black Edition ) HKS EVC-S Boost Controller Garage D Uprated Gearbox Mocal 19 Row Oil Cooler &...
  16. J0R04N

    FS: S15 Stainless Decat pipe

    Been making a few bits with john ashley exhausts, and we have made up a bolt on stainless decat for the S15. At the moment we have made it in 3'' stainless however we can make them any diameter you wish. Bolt straight in to replace the standard restrictive cat. Had one put on mine today and was...
  17. H

    Hypnotik S15

    Hypnotik 425whp S15 This is my car, it was basically stock when I got except for a RS*R exhaust, some ugly wheels, and a crappy FMIC. The car was originally a Spec S but it's been swapped to a S15 SR20DET and a S14 5-speed. Here's what the car has now, all of this was done by myself in the...
  18. C

    FS: S15 3" Stainless Decat Pipe

    S15 Decat pipe - used but looks and works like new. Would look like a mirror if you spend half an hour polishing it! Fitment is perfect and it has stainless flanges. £45 delivered to the UK
  19. P

    Chassis Fixings

    Hello Everybody. Chassis fixings function as automotive fasteners used for connecting automobile chassis. These fixings hold together the varied parts of the vehicle chassis. High strength stainless steel is the most commonly used material for manufacturing chassis fixings. Besides being rust...
  20. richy200

    Does the speedo still work with ABS removed?

    If i removed the abs from my s15 will the speedo still work? (the s15's read the speed from the abs not from the gearbox like on the s14/14a) i'm looking to fit a hydrolic handbrake on saturday and have been told the ABS interfiers with it. Plus ATM it's cabletied out of the way because of my...