1. W

    Retrofit EP3 Type R seats

    I was wondering if anyone has fitted seats from a pre-facelift Civic EP3 Type R into their S15? If so what is involved as I know the EP3 seats sit quite high compared to the standard S15 seats. I have a pair of Civic seats lying around that I quite like and thought they would be a nice little...
  2. T

    WTB: Standard gear knob

    Any one got a standard gear knob for sale? Hit me up!
  3. Ajbulger

    FS: White 1999 Spec R

    Nissan Silvia spec R Car has been in my ownership for 8 years but she just doesn’t get driven anymore and she really deserves to be. Engine rebuilt Over bored custom pistons Cosworth 1.2 gasket ACL race bearings Head ported polished Crank reground New valves springs etc. Nismo 740cc...
  4. G

    Spec S SR20DE

    Hi All, Here will be my build thread. I have a reletively standard S15 Spec S. Modifications from import are: - Tein Streetflex suspension (Need to change) - Kakimoto 4inch exhaust (Will change as soon as i find a good exhaust place) - Recaro front drivers seat (Want to change for standard...
  5. S

    Standard HID lamps.....

    Does anyone know what the standard HID lamp kits look like? One of my bulbs has gone and I'm assuming the kit I have in there is aftermarket but need to confirm it.
  6. K

    WTB: Wanted:- standard GT28R turbo

    Hi, I am after a standard GT28R turbo if anyone has one? If anyone has had anything else it may also be considered
  7. C

    What are people's thoughts on this S15 to buy?

    Keeping an eye on things as I'm waiting for my Subaru to sell. What do people think of this? Nissan Silvia S15 Spec R 83,000 miles *Recent Service* | eBay Do they all ride that high standard? Is that the best spec as it's the roller bearing turbo? Thanks, Chris
  8. G

    FS: Standard S15 Tail Lights

    Standard S15 tail lights for sale, both in good condition and fully working. Drivers side reverse bulb live feed has been cut to run a fog lamp for MoT, can easily be soldered/crimped back on if you don't require it. £45 collection or can post for extra cost.
  9. M

    WTB: S15 rear bumper

    After a standard rear bumper posted to ne10 8jy let me knowwhat you got nhow much imnot looking for any crazy priced aero bumpers or anything expensive just a standard rear bumper thanks
  10. C

    WTB: Decat pipe

    Looking for a decat pipe to fit the standard exhaust. Does anyone have one?
  11. Lil SpecR

    WTB: Standard passenger seat and rail.

    Must be excellent condition with standard non mutilated rail. Ideally fairly local to stoke on trent :)
  12. Suspect

    FS: Sr20det plus other parts for sale

    Selling a few bits off my S15 as listed below as I have no need for them now. Alternator - £20 plus postage Bracket incuded Water neck temp sensor adapter - £50 Turbo elbow - £20 One snapped stud but in rest is fine VAG conversion kit for S15 - £100 Includes coil pack I believe one if...
  13. F

    WTB: Standard Rear top mount

    Think mines knocking , anyone got a replacement ?
  14. L

    FS: Standard s15 parts

    Got some standard s15 parts I've taken off my s15 due to being surplus to my requirements standard front tension arms with bushes intact and nuts £25 front anti roll bar complete with bushes, drop links and mounting brackets £30 fully working rear wiper motor and arm assembly £20 front...
  15. B

    WTB: Wanted, standard exhaust manifold s15

    Hi, has anyone got a standard exhaust manifold for sale with heat shields, in desperate need of one, thanks
  16. F

    What downpipe for standard s15 elbow?

    Looking for a downpipe that will fit my s15, looks to be on standard elbow, will the one for the s14 or the s14a be the same?also any decent downpipes with flexys about that you would recommend? Thanks
  17. K

    WTB: Standard exhaust plese

    Anyone got a standard exhaust (with cat to back box) for sell please? Thanks
  18. K

    WTB: Standard intercooler with pipe

    As title please.I am after a set of STANDARD intercooler with all pipe works.Cash awaiting.Thanks
  19. K

    WTB: Standard suspension

    Looking for standard suspension for front and rear.Please help!
  20. C

    Standard seats height adjustment

    Hi, just have a really quick and simple question which I wondered if any owners would be able to answer for me. Does the S15 have height adjustable seats as standard? If anyone could confirm or deny that I'd be really grateful! Thanks.