1. C

    Weird issues with my 15

    The car sat for a long time. I started to get it up and going again and it wouldn't start. It wanst getting fuel to the rail. I changed the pump and it's getting fuel to the rail but still wont start. But before I go to crank it over this happens The engine light blinks really fast and...
  2. C

    Car Cut Out, Now Won’t Start

    So my S15 is being ****. Driving home with no issues. Near mine the revs dropped and went to cut out, I clutched and revved and it revived it for a few metres and cut out at the junction. Managed to start again and go 50 metres and wouldn’t start. It’s got a Sigma keypad. Pressed the first...
  3. AshOBNXZ

    Turbo Elbow Bolt/Stud Question

    Hi guys, Before I start I will say that I have searched (probably not very well) and just keep getting confused I picked up a Part Shop MAX Cobra Downpipe for the S15 yesterday, the one that's a turbo elbow connected to a downpipe with a flexi section so it's all one piece So I've been reading...
  4. F

    Start Up Problems ***NEED HELP*** urgent

    ***HELP NEEDED**** I have a big Problem. Short to the situation. Engine is Build up new. Ecumaster ECU direct cabling without P&P Adapter Trying the first start up. Base Map is ok and works on an other S15 RPM is there Cam Sync is on synrconized BUT CAM1 angle is on -722° Tryed a lot...
  5. L

    grinding noise at 3k

    last few days i have been driving it, i have noticed at 3k i have a grinding noise, if its more or less than 3k the noise isn't there can't see anything wrong, advise to start looking at??
  6. Lil SpecR

    Uh oh she wont start!!

    Went to start my 15 today and shes turning over but not firing. Used her Wednesday and she was fine ... any ideas?! :-o
  7. J

    Starter Motor Part#

    Does anyone know the part number for an S15 Spec R 2001 Starter Motor? I brought a car this weekend and now its in my possession it is refusing to start. Turn the key and all I get is a loud click. I tired giving the starter solenoid a tap to wake up but didn't get anything. Thanks, J.a.c.k
  8. Packham

    Have to floor the throttle to start.

    Hi everyone, Wondering if anyone has any ideas why I have to press the accelerator to start my car? Until I press it it just keeps cranking. Cheers in advance [emoji3]
  9. Ajbulger

    Turn ignition and power cuts off and stays dead for 5 minutes

    Hey guys got a Clifford alarm and remote start system and its never missed a beat twice last week when Puting the key in to start the car all the electrics kill and takes 5 minutes to have a go this morning however it made a wearing sound then a pop and completely went any help?
  10. M

    Cold starting issues-ECU temp sensor?

    My most recent S15 is really struggling to start when cold, and when it does fire, it sounds like an Impreza until it is warm. It has an unmapped powerfc so I fitted a stock ECU to see if it was that. Still the same. If it fires and you don't catch it, it'll die and not start again and reek of...
  11. E

    Main relay wont close but car starts when held closed.

    Having trouble with no spark in my s15 so car wont start. Iv narrowed it down too the brown relay behind my ecu not closing.If i hold it closed by hand it will start but other than that it wont.I tried two other ecus also but no use.there is 24v on one pin on either side of the relay with the...
  12. S

    New guy from Cornwall...

    Just a quick hello guys :wave: I've recently bought my first S15, very happy indeed as I've always wanted one! It's a super clean 1999 spec S. A great base model for a project car... I may start a project thread once I get stuck into it in the new year so keep an eye out!
  13. C

    WTB: Everything 😜

    Started a build and thought it would be great o start at the source (s15 forum makes sense) i i have a build thread on the welcome page but have to kick start with a few posts to get started but anything that people have spare laying around that I need I thought I'd start a wanted thread so...
  14. S


    Recently i've noticed my s15 making a weird noise on start up. It goes away after i've put it into gear and start to accelerate. I'm positive it's the cambelt but i just need confirmation as i don't want future problems to arise. So i'd like to know is this normal or is there some sort of...
  15. Parky

    Open Event: Japfest convoy..?

    I'm not sure exactly where everyone who is attending is from, so no idea if it will work but japfest is closing in fast and we need to sort out some sort of convoy right? If anyone has any ideas from previous years that have worked, or if anyone is already thinking about arranging meeting...
  16. JDM_virgin

    Brake modification

    I know most of you on here run skyline brake setups or k sports (or something similar), but I was wondering if anyone had spaced out the stock calipers in order to fit bigger rotors. I cant really justify an expensive brake upgrade as wont be using the car on track but I do want sharper brakes...
  17. Jaydej

    First mods advice

    Hey everyone, I been looking at mods and I'm not sure what is the best starter mods, I'm torn between intercooler and intake or full exhaust and manifold. what are your opinions? Or is there different mods I should start with?
  18. Carta

    S15 not starting

    Hey guys, got a strange issue. If you didnt know my ecu was cut out at the docks, well its all been sorted now and the car is working, but I am having a strange issue. If I dont disconnect the battery after I get out of the car, it wont start. The starter motor cranks the car but it wont...
  19. L

    Someone please stop my confussion

    Hi all Just about getting round to fit my FMIC on the weekend :thumbs: Only problem i have is whats the best to run for the engine. Basically i want to aim for a stage 1a/2 on the S15. want to run a safe 1bar of boost and maz 1.1bar Whats best to do on the recirc side of things? Run the...
  20. R

    Cold Start Grind

    This happens intermittently but can't seem to find any information on it. Let me set the scene.. Its your average dry morning and I'm about to take my car out for a drive. I start the car, Put my foot on the clutch and pop it into first. I lift the clutch and GRIND, then gone. It only lasts...