1. sniffy

    Nissan Steering wheel splines

    Hi, Does anyone know are the splines on all nissan steering wheels the same ? Ie could I fit a nissan Juke wheel into a S15. Thanks
  2. A

    S15 Steering Rack

    Hi everyone, my S15 power steering rack got leak and i cant find any used replacement unit or rebuild seal kit for S15. My question is can i use power steering rack from Silvia S14? Thanks
  3. Alex De Large

    Steering wheel refurb

    I'm looking to get my suede Nardi steering wheel refurbed as it is looking a bit worse for wear after a few years of use. Has anyone had their stock or aftermarket wheel refurbed? and if so by whom? I've had a quote from Royal Steering wheels for £135 + postage but just seeing if anyone has...
  4. dave_t

    WTB: Works Bell 629s Short Steering Wheel Hub/Boss wanted

    Wanted (yes I sold my last one and now I need another lol) Works Bell 629s Short Steering Wheel Hub S14-15 Z32 R33 R34 SKU. 07GNH | Part No. 056296 Example pic Drop Me a PM for quicker response Thanks
  5. M

    FS: Massive clearout - S body - SR - Skyline - RB - universal, defi's, hks etc

    All parts collected from Witney, Oxfordshire, can post at extra cost. Best to whatsapp me for pics 07790665573 S15 spec R cluster/clocks £200 Pro lite autometer/shift light £20 Pro comp oil pressure gauge £70 Hks evc boost controller £300 Revotec water temp sensor £20 RB26 cas bracket £40 RB26...
  6. L

    Random Engine Cut Out

    This only started to happen recently. Basically it seems after a random bout of spirited driving when I come to a slow down or a stop the engine will suddenly cut out. It doesn't jerk or anything like when you stall a car. The battery light comes on, and engine light and obvs the steering gets...
  7. H

    WTB: S15 interior parts

    Hey, I'm looking for the following bits for an s15. Closer to Glasgow area the better, would prefer to pickup if possible S15 steering wheel S15 gear knob S15 gear gaiter S15 centre console S15 radio surround Left and right lower dash pieces
  8. R

    Power Steering Pump

    So, after much tinkering I've come to the conclusion that my power steering pump has had it and I need a new one. Sadly finding one is another problem, I do no want an eBay Special and I don't really want to use a second hand one if I can help it. Does anyone know where I might be able to...
  9. Surfing Boris

    Power Steering Fluid

    Think I need to change my fluid. When the car is cold turning left or right on near to full lock I get a groaning/ whining from the front of the car that can be felt through the steering wheel. The steering is no heavier then normal and other than that the car drives absolutely fine. I have...
  10. N

    FS: Part Shop Max S14 / S15 Steering Rack Eccentric Bushing

    Part Shop Max S14 / S15 Steering Rack Eccentric Bushing Anodized gold solid CNC aluminium bushing set installs in minutes! For cars with stock caster or less than stock caster Helps to prevent over centring of tie rod and knuckle to prevent heavy steering at lock be moving rack a small amount...
  11. Blizz884

    Car pulling left. Please help

    Hello everyone. Ive got my S15 just a few days ago and noticed that car is pulling slightly to the left. Traction was done a two days ago and this problem is still there.... When i straightne up steering wheel and let go of it (even standstill on iddle) vibrations turn steering to the left a few...
  12. P

    WTB: Steering wheel covers

    I just installed a OEM s15 steering wheels but it's missing the two plastic covers that cover the airbag clips and access bolts. If anyone has these spare or knows where I can order one from? Thank you Sent from my ONE A2003 using Tapatalk
  13. F

    WTB: s15 steering wheel

    Must be in near mint condition, woukd possible do a deal with my nardi steering wheel and boss or will buy cash, thanks
  14. A

    WTB: S15 Steering Rack

    Hi, as the title states I'm looking for an S15 steering rack urgently. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. dave_t

    FS: Works Bell Rapfix II - Steering Wheel Quick Release/Snap Off

    Item For Sale: Works Bell Rapfix II - Steering Wheel Quick Release/Snap Off. Description: Only removed due to selling the car, and reverting back to my full sized boss meaning this wasnt needed. Great quality as to be expected with a Works Bell product. Great condition, see pics:Pics...
  16. dave_t

    FS: Works Bell Short Hub Steering Wheel Boss Kit

    Item for sale: WORKS BELL S15 Short Hub Boss Kit Works Bell 629s Short Steering Wheel Hub S14-15 Z32 R33 R34 SKU. 07GNH | Part No. 056296 Description: Only removed due to selling the car, and reverting back to my 'non-dished' Nardi, so the normal full sized boss was refitted. This is...
  17. G

    FS: Silvia S15 spec s pearl white aero

    Hi guys, selling my S15 because i need a new run around. My original plan was to do a RB conversion but need something else to suit my new job. Owned for just over a year. HPI clear MOT till February Doesn't smoke or drink oil Spec list 194247KM Still in Kilometers Aero spoiler Aero side...
  18. R

    Clunking Steering

    I've had another problem recently. I noticed that if the car is at a standstill or moving very slowly or on an uneven surface, turning the wheel or full lock gives a clunking feel and sound through the steering wheel. I'm not sure what it could be, I know I've got a split in my track rod ends...
  19. N

    FS: Garage Clear Out 2: Part Shop Max Steering Rack Eccentric Bushing & Cobra Down Pipe

    Garage Clear Out 2: Part Shop Max Steering Rack Eccentric Bushing & Cobra Down Pipe Having a garage clear out of all the parts I have built up over the years for my S15 Build. Now with a change of direction all my parts are available to you lucky guys! All prices include UK Mainland Recorded...
  20. B

    FS: S15 pewter grey 1 owner coilovers etc.

    I recently imported this s15, but my visa has come through so I can emigrate now, and it's loads of hassle to get it registered where I'm going. 198k in kms Adjustable tension rods Coilovers White line adjustable front and rear sway bars 11 months MoT Dish steering wheel Hkb steering...