1. D

    Wider front wings

    Any recommendations? Need around 30mm, looking around a lot don't come flush to the door, they step out. Not sure I like the idea, anyone got any pics of them fitted? Cheers :D
  2. JaseYpk

    Snapped Stud Removal? :(

    Yeah.. the troublemaker strikes again.. *sigh* I've a photo, but i'm an iPhone spaz and cant use the damn thing. But basically one of the turbo to elbow studs has snapped. There is about 1 or 2mm sticking out the turbo, the rest is threaded in, but i dont know how deep/far. It looks in good...
  3. R

    snow sled drifting have a watch, was with a couple of mates, funniest ending ever. He was about 1 step away from becoming one frozen ice cube.:cool::cool:
  4. H

    Hi im 'Hawks'

    Hi there, my names Alex, my mates call me hawks! Im from England, Surrey and if anyone knows it has terrible road conditions lol. Recently got an s15 specr from a 1998 itr dc2 which is quite a step up and love it to pieces. Anyway just checking in to say hi! Got quite a few posts to do :) Cheers
  5. T

    My 99 JDM S15

    hey guys! Here is some specs on my ride. Awesome car. Got a soft spot for the S series nissans. Engine:- SR20det - Xforce low mount lobster manifold - Xforce turbo back exhaust - Garrett Gt3071r .86 (I know) - Turbosmart ultragate 38 (plumbed back into exhaust) - Predator motorsport short...
  6. T

    FS: BRAND NEW! HKS step 3 Cams! Suite SR20det vct

    Hey guys n gals! Selling a brand new set of HKS cams. They came with my car but aren't practical for everyday street use. They are step 3 cams, 264 in and 272 ex for the s14/15 VCT engine. Part numbers, 22002-AN014 and 22002-AN017. Brand new still in the HKS boxes! Some extra info...
  7. U

    Changing/overfilling 6MT gearbox oil from top, step-by-step?

    Just wondering if someone could post (or link me to) a step by step guide on how to go about doing this? I'm looking for something noob-friendly I guess. :) I want to change the fluid in my car to Motul Gear 300, and I want to run the 2 instead of 1.8L as suggested elsewhere for making shifts a...
  8. R

    boss kit/steering wheel

    hi just got my omp steering wheel and d1 quick release just want to know if any nissan boss kit will fit my s15?? and i will be fitting this tomorow so a step by step guide would be great if any one could help please thanks:nod:
  9. Trial_S15

    How To: Removing Scuttle panel & Window wipers for painting

    I had been meaning to do this for months after seeing the results C1TPT got doing his and figured I'd take some pics and do a very simple how to... Step 1: Remove the covers on the window wipers and undo the 14mm bolt, the wipers may be a bit reluctant but should come off with a little gently...
  10. andeep

    hey everyone

    S15 noobie here! currently selling my MK5 Golf GTI and moving on to an S15. Big step up really! Waiting for it to sell then will buy the S15 :D
  11. R

    change fuel filter

    im doing a full service tomorow:thumbs: i would like to know is it hard to replace the fuel filter couldnt find a step by step guide on this....
  12. S

    Hello from Adelaide, Australia

    I bought my S15 new in 2002 and haven't done much to it yet. Current mods are Trust cat back exhaust and an aftermarket aircleaner in the factory airbox I've also upgraded the stereo Next step is suspension, also considering FBU and airpod only compaint with the car is that 6th gear is as...