1. B

    hey from aberdeen

    hey guys I am steve from Aberdeen dont own a stawberry but do have a s14a im on the look for a few bits in bobs thanks
  2. S15AK

    My remap S15AK - Steve FC Tuning results

    Hi guys, Just want to post up my thanks for Steve (and bob), for mapping my car last week, was a long day for me 500+ miles with 9hr+ of driving, but well worth it. Very please with the results as we hit over 360bhp :D Steve turned it down a little just to keep it nice and safe, to to be...
  3. M

    Steve + Fc-tuning + s15 + sr20 = fun :). My testresults last year!! and plans...

    Hi All, Just wanted to open this thread to inform everyone about my great experience with Steve Sadler aka the tuning god :D Some know my car i think! bud let's start:cool: I buyed my car 2 years ago, it looked like this: Actually it...
  4. sliding-r

    Look at the Difference an Exhaust can do once mapped!!

    Hi, some of you may know that i had my car mapped about 2 months ago by Steve from FC Tuning. But at the time i had a Greddy system on the car that was designed for a spec-S im leading to believe becaust the exhaust was only 2.5" but after further investigation it would restrict to like an...
  5. Darren_S15

    Dyno Day Results

    On Saturday I went down to Hayes Engineering in Kent link to have my car mapped by Steve Sadler of FC Tuning link. Ive been slowly changing parts on my car for the last two years and it was finally ready for some real power with the help of a NISTUNE daughter board. Here are some pics of the...
  6. LuPix_S15

    Silvia remapped by Steve @ FC Tuning... POW!!!

    Hey :wave: Some of you guys will probably already know but I jumped on Tom's (sliding-r) idea of getting his remap done by Steve @ FC Tuning so we both headed down to Hayes Engineering near Dartford to get our cars sorted out with remap work etc. Well for starters both Bob and Ray who work...
  7. Ghost

    Hi from Ireland

    Hows it going? My name is Steve and i just bought my black 99 S15 spec r before christmas :D some of you might recognize the car since it was already on the forum... anyway thats it for now.. Cheers Steve
  8. D


    hay ythought i would regester on here because i have been having a few problems with my silvia l8ly its not a s15 but its got s15 engine if thats cool with u guys now i gonna just get it out in the open about JAE... yes i was the one that shattered 5 rockers after gettin a maping by steve...