1. R

    FS: Carbon fibre dash surround

    I've taken lots of pics do ŷou can see the damage and be honest upfront Small hairline crack on main part. Nissan sticker hiding another minor crack gear gater clip broken rear of main piece is missing something from the looks of it but never affected it. None of the damage affected anything...
  2. Mike

    Wrecked S15OC Silvia?

    This popped up on a lad I know with a 15's facebook. Theres a forum sticker in the window, who's is/was it?
  3. pegliobaglio

    nismo sPorts resetting ecu?

    Hey guys, There is a sticker on my engine saying sports resetting,thought someone had just got a bit happy with the sticker book lol but I was in the process of taking my interior out today and spotted on my ecu that it says nismo sports resetting on it? Now the only info I can find on this is...
  4. tooley

    Sticker Collection thread

    What sticker collection do you guys have? Here are mine on my s15 so far! After some stickers now :D
  5. C

    Z32 AFM question

    Well.. is this the right one to go for?! I remeber reading they need an oragre sticker with N62 on it, but would just like to confirm first :nod: Thanks in advance!
  6. W

    need pic! Please..

    someone ripped the sticker off my fuse box under the bonnet, so i am begging for a few pics of YOUR fuse box diagram. my ABS is being weird so i want to locate the relay for this and check it. so if you would be so kind and post up pics of your fuse box cover so i can see what it says i would...
  7. oilman

    Opieoils needs your help...

    We need a picture of your car!! If you have an Opie Oils sticker on your car... Ive seen some around, send us a photo with the logo in clear view and you will be given a priority position as the first members of the Opie Oils ?Street Gallery?, to be launched as part of our new website...
  8. S

    S15 Owners club sticker

    hey, should we design one? or website plain sticker :D