1. H

    OCD kicking in

    can someone do something about the S15 images shown at the top of the forum page , a number of them are reversed and it makes me really uncomfortable and i cannot stop looking at it willing them to change lol
  2. FaberNZ.blaaack-S15

    CAS timing problem won't start

    Hey guys so I have a problem with my timing and Crank angle sensor i've been trying to diagnose for the last week and its really got me stumped now. Just done the head gasket on my car put it all back together and no start yes cas put in correct and at tdc. timing chain installed correctly. car...
  3. C

    Do you have an 80s alarm clock or a bong?

    My late '01 Spec S has a horrendous beep-beep-beep-beep alarm clock sound for door open or whatever. I've seen other S15s in videos which have a nice bong bong bong noise. Which do you have? More to the point, does anyone know how to stop it from going on and on all the time you have the keys...
  4. A

    Front fiberglass bumper x FMIC

    Hi, im getting cracks in the paint & I now have an actual crack in the fiberglass on my front bumper, its got zero support at the bottom. The FMIC is a few mm from the bumper, what I want to know is if I put small bits of foam/rubber between the bumper & the intercooler so the bumper is...
  5. crazymat666

    put my foot down,brake,car stalls anyone had this???

    basically from a stand still or if i put my foot down to full boost then come to a stop 5-10seconds after,the revs drop right down and the car stalls.also if i dont stop and let off the throttle them few seconds later i put my foot on the throttle to stay at the same speed it hesitates and...
  6. driftmonkey

    publics reaction after 2 weeks

    ive had kids at my daughters school tell me my car is sick and just stand an stare, ive had kids shout look at those fing wheels, ive had my whole close where i live ask about this car... no one normally talks!! ive had people, grannies/dads stop and just stare ive seen 3 dogs so far stop...
  7. Mike

    Open Event: Japfest 11th May 2013

    Last year went smoothy but with the chaos and stand location i decided not to bother with this but, i have just received a phone call from the very enthusiastic Becky from Future Publishing that runs the show. She asked it we'll be attending and i said after the pandemonium of the show last year...
  8. CMR

    Changing the boost gauge

    I know there is a sticky, but have a quick question. When replacing the standard for a Defi / Depo / etc, does the 60mm gauges people use have the same mounting holes on the back of the gauge as the standard one? or how do people stop it moving? Reason I ask is I bought a 52mm one as I didn't...
  9. J

    Ecu light and boosting issue?

    hi, sometimes on full boost 1.1bar the Ecu light flashes up and cuts my boost. whilst doing that it backfires alot when not even hitting limiter. then when i come to a stop it just wants to turn off? i dont understand what it can be to only do it sometimes. possible faulty afm maybe?
  10. pegliobaglio

    which air filter

    Hey guys, Been meaning to buy a new filter for ages but haven't got round to it yet! So just wondered what everyone was running,or what recomendations people have. Obviously a lot of people run the apexi filter,but I know the foam filters flow more air,but don't stop as much dirt getting in so...
  11. K

    Reactions to your S15

    :D having recently bought an S15 I am currently basking in the glory of it all! I have had a few :thumbs: as I drive past, and the other day I had my window open and heard some dude say "THATS A SWEEEET CAR!":D:cool: whilst drooling in my general direction. I've sat outside cafes and seen people...
  12. M

    car stools when idle

    im having a slight problem when idle when i start the car its fine but after when i rev it high the whole car just cuts of the car still drives fine but its when i stop the car stools when it reaches the low revs any advice??? thanks mark
  13. S

    where do i get the plastic gear shift spacer?

    im missing the little spacer that goes between the gear knob and shift boot to stop the gap any idea where i can get one?
  14. mint

    Gurggling?? huh..

    I got home now from dropping off a mate, and went for a shot blast up the touge - Nothing too nuts as roads where crap. Anyways. Got home, sat and idle'd for a bit turned car off to hear a really loud "Gurggling" sound from the bay.. popped the bonnet and recorded this...
  15. xlr8

    in car cooling controls!!!!!

    in my s15 the mode button on the heating controls is selecting all the different options as so.but,when my hand is held to the windscreen air,it does not stop even if the face or feet option is selected on the controls?any ideas
  16. A

    car stalling when coming to stop??

    Hi guys ive got my S15 since sat and since ive had it,it stalls wen i come to a stop. I dont have a dump valve so thats ruled out,,and one of the lads has said it could be a boost leak,,has anyone come across it,,if ye could help me out would much appreciate it,a bit freaked!!!!:confused:
  17. A

    couple of questions

    Hi, prospective S15 buyer :) How much was the S15 Spec R when it was new? Whos the best insurer to go with? Ive done a load of online quotes only 1 recognises S15`s and wanted ?1500 to insure it, the rest stop at the S14. Ive seen this one i like...
  18. raytsang

    Stalling after fitting oil catch tank

    hey Nicely, nice oil catch can. ive just installed a Cusco one today. but found that the engine cuts when i stop, so need to give it a bit of a heel and toe before i stop.. this is only when i vent the gas. (not routing it back to the intake) Any i deals why this happens and a solution i see...