1. S

    Suspension Setup

    Hi all, Just posted another thread ( about wheel fitment and now Im looking to do the suspension at the same time due to wanting to run 18s hence looking to lower the car by around 25-35mm. I gather i cant do...
  2. Jay-pan

    WTB: Engine mounts

    Wanted the engine mounts and gearbox got solid ATM and bit harsh for my liking. apex street or hard race street thanks
  3. Sims77

    Blue one in Stoke

    I noticed the Shelby Cobra first (or replica) then got really excited to see the S15. It was on King street in Fenton, we were in the wife's Evo 8. Looked lovely
  4. - 0h -

    Bee R Rev limiter

    hey guys...just would like some ideas on anyone who is using this product.. is it good for street use?? and good for N/A car also?? any downside ?? any info/comments would be appreciated.
  5. L


    I currently have a nismo LSD and I am wanting to get a standard diff or at least one that doesn't kick and click when I go round corners. It is brilliant for drifting but for normal street driving it is very annoying. Does anybody know where I can get a new diff and any good ones in particular?
  6. Fruitbooter

    ...:::*** JDM PORN - The Ultimate video thread ***:::...

    Thought it would be a good idea to share some of your favourite vids :D Ive seen so many I cant remember but here are a few that i know are worth a watch. R34 GTR Signal Auto Street Run - :eek: 400bhp RX7 Tokyo Street Run...
  7. mint

    JDMtas - Track & Street

    I know not exactly s15's or sx's however i noticed there was an american JDM site posted in here too. Currently going through a V2 update with new forums however its my site for Track & Street Antics. :wack:
  8. M

    FS: Nissan silvia spec-r drift full modified s15 1999 for sale

    JAPANESE D1 MODIFIED CARS FOR SALE & EXPORT FROM JAPAN We are Japanese used modified car dealer with specialized for modified and D1 modified cars. With using for D1 STREET LEGAL, on STREET USE and CIRCUIT TRACK RACE like TOYOTA AE86 LEVIN. TRUENO, CRESTA, CHASER, MARK II, SOARER, SUPRA...
  9. R-Spec

    Whats allowed on the road in your country?

    Really interested to know whats it like around the world for others? My perception in the UK is that - if you can afford the insurance and its passes an MOT (which a race car with mirrors, lights etc, normally can) then your legal. I understand Germany is getting better nowadays. What are...
  10. Z

    Tein super street

    does anyone know if the tein super street coilovers are any good, mostly for street but occasional track and sideways action ?? i find the stock suspension feels a bit sloppy. thanks in advance for your help
  11. S

    Question for you S15 owners....

    Why is the s15 not "allowed" stateside? I know there are some here, but i hear the arent street legal. Any reasons? Thanks Adam
  12. irvs

    street racing

    street racing with a twist. i laughed all the was through was soooo funny:thumbs: :thumbs: :thumbs:
  13. S

    Who has/is used/using Endless brake pad?

    I just got a set of Endless CC-R. Well I was going to get CC-X but had some better deal however only for front though. I was just wondering if anyone has experience on it. The pack said 0-800 degree but a catalog says 150-800 degree. I hope the pack says right one. I hope it works when I...