1. K

    WTB: Wanted S15 spec r px with a e46 m3?

    as the title suggest guys. im on the hunt for one again. Dont want a white one thou. Too many about.
  2. dave_t

    Gearbox Mount - What have YOU upgraded to?

    My gearbox mount is pretty tired, what do you guys suggest upgrading to?
  3. Jordan

    WTB: Flexi turbo elbow or downpipe

    Fitting a stainless manifold soon and need me some flex! anyone got anything or could suggest anywhere I can buy one? Struggling to find anything online...
  4. richy200

    Open Event: Awesomefest

    Awsomefest tickets are online guys. If you don;t know anything about it i suggest you have a read :) It should be epic!
  5. rudd-o

    Head Gasket Help

    Guys i need your help I send my engine for rebuild and now im looking to buy a head gasket. The mechanic suggest a Commetic 87x1,3mm But i heard from many people that cometic gaskets are not reliable. The pistons i have are forged CP 9.0:1 @ 86.5mm If you have something to suggest me it...
  6. B

    rear silencer

    Hi guys, Just been quoted ?350 + VAT for rear silencer from Nissan dealer :eek: Bit of a bugger 'cause it's outwardly OK but has a loose baffle & is rattling badly. Question is, any suggestions as to source of replacement that won't be louder ? I know you'll probably suggest junking the whole...
  7. Nicely

    Toyota Hilux

    Looking into getting an old Toyota Hilux pickup (Ute to you Aussies :p ) as a second vehicle to keep the mileage down on the 15. Anyone had any experience with these and got any buying advice. Please don't suggest a 4x4, cos I can't stand them and prefer the flexibility of the flat bed. I...