1. Keifer1903

    WTB: Apexi n1 exhaust

    Looking for the above in good condition to suit s15 spec r Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. s15Irl

    *HELP* Spec s spark plugs/ignition leads

    Hi, I have possibly asked this before but can anyone tell me a part number for as above spark plugs for a spec s? Will any sr20de plugs suit? Thanks!
  3. pegliobaglio

    wheel opinions please

    Alright guys, I have been offered an amazing price on a set of fully forged rims,18's good offset they are brand new,only reason my mate is sorting them so cheap is they are discontinued ,I either need new rims or to refurb mine,just not sure if this style of wheel will suit the car...
  4. J0R04N

    FS: S15 Pewter Grey Bonnet

    Got my old bonnet for sale, has got a small bend/twist. Is easily repairable. I managed to find a new one for a good price hence why i didn't repair it myself. Would suit a track car or if you wanted to repair would be fine for road use also. Bonnet closes fine just cosmetic. £60 ono
  5. hendo

    DIY Air/Fuel setting?

    Does anyone know if you can or how you can set and check your air/fuel ratio at home, plus adjust it to suit your needs. I'm thinking that you can't without a computer and dyno but you never know.
  6. DeanS15

    latest pics with new wheels

    my new wheels are on and i've set the ride height lower to close up the arch gap - could go a little lower still without any dramas as i have gained ground clearance over my old wheels, also de-spoilered it (again lol) as it seems to suit the car better without it now:) not the best pics but...
  7. J

    organising an s15oc track day @ mondello???

    wud anyone be up for this??what date wud suit ye??how many names wud we need to organise the track day??
  8. richy200

    FS: adjustable camber apex topmounts for sale to suit s13/s14/s14a or s15

    Hi guys i have a pair of front apex topmounts to suit any 200sx/silvia as the fronts are all the same. I have wiped the right topmount with a wet wipe as it was stinking, left the other in the state they were in so you can see. No nakered threads, balljoints are in perfect working condition...
  9. D

    FS: Oem tail end protector!

    Well i still have it took it off the car before i sold it as i taught i might buy a s15 again but after getting back driving a FWD car again i think ill stick with them as our roads and weather does not suit rwds. Anyway looking for 95 euro for it as its such a rare item and not available from...
  10. slammedmind

    s14 engine into s15?

    I know theyre both sr20det engines but im looking into a spare to rebuild from the s14. What will i have to change to get it to suit the s15?
  11. Robbyp

    White car carbon bonnet?

    Well whats ur thoughts guys was thinking bout one with a couple o vents in it but not sure if they suit the car!Also where the best place to buy? Feel free to add ur pics?!
  12. S

    11" to suit

    I have things in mind that one day i'm going to put something width around 10-12 I know it will stick out a lot but body can match up the wheels :D :D What i worried is that clearance in terms of inner place whether it will touch suspension or anything. So something like 0 or -one digit offset...
  13. A

    Orange suit seat!

    nice or?
  14. Topper

    D1 Sunstrip

    What you guys think of this?? When i 1st got my car i really wanted one of these but read a post on SXOC saying that they were only available to driver who qualify for the D1 series, and shouldnt be used by others as they are a mark of respect........ but people were bound to make them and i...