1. O

    WTB: S15 spec-r

    Anyone have something for sale, prefer aero or a vertex kit. Color not to fussed. And if possible (i know it is rare) a sunroof. Budget around €12k.
  2. D

    DAB aerial

    Hi Guys, anyone got experience of fitting a DAB aerial into an S15 with factory tints? Google suggests it will work okay, it's only aftermarket tints that cause a problem? I've got a new Alpine head unit and aerial on the way and seeing as my sunroof is now bolted into place and doesn't move...
  3. S

    My Spec R L package

    Hi new to the furum and thought I would put some pics up of my Spec R L package :-) From what I can gather there's not many around... This one also has electric sunroof and factory xenons
  4. N

    Passenger window and sunroof not working?

    Right, after my car being off the road for more than a year doing various modifications along the way I have found out that the passenger window and sunroof are not working...? They wont open or close? I think it may have blown fuse so I have looked over the fuse diagrams to see which one it is...
  5. A

    WTB: Wanted S15 glass sunroof. Anyone breaking?

    I´m looking for a glass sunroof for my s15. All I need is the actuall glass and the frame that is sits on. THX //Alex
  6. meddler

    Meddler's S15

    Here is my S15. It's a 2001 ADM 'R' spec. It came with the bodykit and sunroof from factory. I believe this is equivalent to a JDM spec 'R' with the aero side skirts, a Nissan Aus spoiler and sunroof fitted in Aus. The car is pretty standard. Mods so far is the FBU upgrade, K & N air...