1. L

    Reputable parts supplier.

    Hello everyone, Can anyone point me in the right direction please. My s15 is in the garage having some work done and I need to purchase some parts. My question is who do I go to? I used to go to driftworks for most of my stuff but they only do suspension and wheels now so I need to find a good...
  2. B

    Spec s front brake pads

    Trying to find out what brake pads will fit the 2 pot front callipers for a spec s. can any one shed some light my supplier at work has supplied me the wrong pads. Thanks Steve
  3. I

    WTB: Vertex body kit

    Im looking for a vertex kit or vertex style kit to replace my damaged one :cry: (mines is the blue 15 in the banner) If anyone has one or can put me in touch with a supplier id really appreciate it .
  4. J

    WTB: Garratt GT2871r

    As titled, after one of these, if anyone has one, can get hold of one. Or knows a good priced respected supplier that has stock, pm me
  5. R

    Race.Fi: How Japan's quake effects deliveries

    Information: Japan earthquake and tsunami Car parts and materia come second to the actual devastation caused to people's lives in Japan. Parts will be available, and what is lost can be rebuilt - the grief can not be undone. Boght from us or not, many people likely worry about their orders from...
  6. Fasthands

    Nismo injectors

    Hi folk's I am looking to buy some Nismo 555 or 740 injectors. can anyone recommend a good supplier in the UK? or a trusty over seas supplier.
  7. sliding-r

    Power steering boot split

    Hi, Just noticed the above has split, have anyone needed to replace there's, if so where did you get the part? Or shall I just go to motor parts supplier like Unipart?
  8. D

    Where to get alternator parts

    I need to order a voltage regulator for my alternator, I have the part number (somewhere) but can't find a supplier. The full s14 alternator has a different part number, can I use one of them and if so, will I need any other items or modifications to make it work?
  9. Y

    APEX flywheel

    APEX flywheel HELP!!!!! I'd just like to know if anyone here has bought an APEX flywheel and how they fitted it?? My garage is saying that the standard bolts r too long for the APEX flywheel because its lighter and thinner and unsprung. I rang APEX they are having to contact the supplier to...
  10. S

    WTB: WTD: NISMO Meter

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for a NISMO Meter. Maybe someone has one to sell or can give me an address of a good supplier? ;-) Thank you for your help!