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Race.Fi: How Japan's quake effects deliveries



Information: Japan earthquake and tsunami
Car parts and materia come second to the actual devastation caused to people's lives in Japan. Parts will be available, and what is lost can be rebuilt - the grief can not be undone.
Boght from us or not, many people likely worry about their orders from Japan - that is normal for the human nature.
This notice only concerns the parts ordered from Japan and Japanese brands

A supplier point of view
In a situation like this, the supplier is left between two fires. Customers ask for information, but information is simply not available due to the bigger issues at hand.
The supply chain also breaks, as your shop might not be able to contact their suppliers.
This is simply a situation where traditional logistic and supply rules dont work.
It is in the interest of all suppliers to start their deliveries and resume normal business operations as soon as possible.

How to act in this situation
An order which already left your supplier, is in the hands of a courier company. In case you have a tracking number, it is best to check the delivery with the courier company. You can naturally ask your seller for a tracking number, but bear in mind that many documents or even complete offices might have been lost, so a number might simply not be available.

In case you dont have a tracking number, most courier companies can track your parcel based on the origin and destination addresses. You are best off when you gather as much information about you order as you can, this will help the courier company to look for your parcel.

If your courier doesnt have up to date tracking for your parcel, neither will your supplier have that.

In case your order is in a processing status and didnt ship out yet, you are likely going to have a delay in delivery. Domestic transports are likely crippled, and the location of a part being shipped to your supplier might be unknown.
If this is the case, you can politely ask your supplier for information, but bear in mind that they also have bigger issues at hand.
Like i wrote, everyone is eager to resume normal operations as soon as possible, asking several times isnt going to speed things up at all.

Your supplier's supply chain might be crippled, and information about individual packages will be hard or impossible to get at this time. Your suppliers work to get things solved asap.

Summa summarum
Worrying about your order which you might have already paid is normal, there is nothing to be ashamed of there. Japan is experiencing a lot of problems, and they are surely trying to solve them. Lets give them a chance to do that by not spamming every supplier with several emails - they are in need of resources to solve problems, not to answer a load of emails and calls.

A few courier websites

A good multipurpose tracking website:

Google's newsfeed
Google, Japanquake 2011

Our customers
Our customers have been contacted and informed of their order statuses. In case of a paid order, money will naturally be refunded in case the parcels are lost.

We will be monitorin the situation and updating our news topic on our website when neccessary:
Race.Fi, Japan's earthquake effects on deliveries
In case you wish to link to this topic, please link to our site as it will have the most up to date information available.

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