1. Sandor_

    Newbie from Hertfordshire

    Hello Everyone After years of dreaming and stalking you all, finally importing this NA from Japan. Due in early august. It`s a bone stock year 2000 model, with 90k km on the meter and meant to be a grade 4,5. Lots of plans and work ahead, and with that being said, surely going to need your help...
  2. N

    Exedy hyper single clutch friction plate, where can I buy a replacement???

    Anyone know where I can get one driftworks have said that there not available to the uk............. Surely exedy wouldn't sell a 900-1000 quid clutch it to the uk without selling replacements would they??....??....:censored:
  3. Krish

    Knock is at 69

    Surely this is not good?
  4. DeanS15

    Open Event: show presence 2011

    after last years summer meet i recall some chatting about having a bigger s15oc presence at shows in future....i'm going to try and go to as many as possible this year to make the most of the car in the better months, but would love to be going with s15oc if it's going to happen..... i...
  5. subzero

    Pics of cages in an s15

    any 1 got a few pics of cages fitted to an s15 . just want to see what way the dash doger / thru dash cages fit and what they look like. surely ye have a few in yer pics collection . thanks
  6. D

    over boost....

    well, at first i thought it was just boost creep after installing my elbow/downpipe... but, i've since fitted my EVC and i can't get the boost to hold below 1 bar. Wondered if it was a fault unit.... So, i plumbed in a pipe, directly from the intercooler feed to the actuator, and still get the...