1. crazymat666

    silver s15 carbon bonnet weymouth

    who is this?i got the same colour car but yours looked sweet as ****
  2. Sparky

    2000 Black Spec R

    Hi Guys, Recently purchased a black Spec R, 2000 from Liam in Staffs. A one owner car, totally original with Aero kit. Am made up with how it drives and am getting used to RWD again after 19 years with my modified Cherry Turbo ! Have just fitted a Teac touch screen head unit and am in the...
  3. Jay

    white s15 in thurrock services tonight

    as above, i was in the black spec r parked behind you with my mate in a saxo. just went out for a drive as i hadnt been out in a while.... car looked sweet by the way!:thumbs:
  4. M

    Registering my S15 in the uk

    Hey Guys, Just after a bit of advice, my car is from Ireland (Southern) and i have been trying to find out what i need to get it registered in the uk? I have already applied for the Import pack from the DVLA (taking its sweet ass time to arrive!), and since the car is over 10 years old and was...
  5. 2fst4u

    Angel eyes anyone?

    Does anyone know of any straight swap headlights, or even a good quality universal kit to upgrade to angel eyes? I think it would be sweet. For the life of me I can't find any worthwhile kits for the S15
  6. T

    S15 towpack???

    after selling my s15 last year and pimping out a VW van for MX bikes, im bored again, just wondering if a tow bar is availabile to suit the S15? total weight of trailer and bike would be minimal (prolly 400 Kg) just need something to get to the track. if anyone can help out that would be awsome...
  7. K

    Sweet S15 + CF roof

  8. N

    HELP!! STRANGE bov....

    i bought a turbosmart bov when i first got my s15 and fitted it and everything was sweet.. but i recently had a profec b fitted and now its wiiiierd as. its not releasing pressure properly and blowing a heap of boost out the induction aswell...?? its hard to expain but it never fully goes pttsh...
  9. G

    sweet pearl 15

    http://www.carzone.ie/used-cars/Nissan/Sylvia/GP-SPORTS/533686/ never thought i could be this jealous!!
  10. J

    Puppy Drifting

    Took this footage one evening this week of my missus putting our Miniature Toy Poodle Puppy through it's drifting paces... As you can see, handling is pretty sweet and it he even manages to avoid larger obsticles (like our other camera-hogging dog!)