1. S

    front wipers not working on intermittant and not parking properly, likely cause?

    hey hey. just wondering if anyone has had the same fault as me? my wipers go at the regular speed when on intermittant. constant speed no pause between passes regardless of the interval dial position. they wont park properly either, you have to time the switch to get them to stop at the bottom...
  2. B

    Rear fog switch placement

    Anyone any good ideas on fog switch placement I dont want to go drilling holes in the dash or centre console, just somewhere fairly descrete will do Thanks
  3. relentless

    Central Locking is relocked itself

    Hi Guys NZ New S15. I have this intermittent problem, initially it'd happen maybe once a month so I didn't think much of it but it seems to happen once a day now and having managed to lock myself out of the car this morning I thought I'd see if anyone here has seen it before. So I have a...
  4. L

    WTB: passinger side window switch...

    need a new passenger side window switch... mine decided it doesnt want to go up anymore..... :(
  5. L

    Interior Trim OEM colour codes??

    Hi guys, Does anyone know what the paint code is for the gunmetal on the interior door handles, stock gear knob and inserts in the steering wheel? (I know the gaiter surround is rover steel grey) I'm going to match the window switch surrounds and a few other bits, tried before but the colour...
  6. K

    WTB: s15 interior parts

    I'm looking for these S15 parts. I need it shipped to California USA. Let me know what you have thanks. -ignition switch with key, door lock cylinder and trunk PLEASE post pictures. Thanks
  7. 2

    missing switch on centre armrest

    On the centre console armrest at the side of the cup holders there should either be a switch or a blanking plate, but it's missing and there's just the hole What should be there and any idea where I can get a blanking plate or a dummy switch please Thanks in advance :)
  8. shark79

    FS: Nismo kill switch fashion lighter (rare)

    I have a rare nismo kill switch fashion lighter for sale gbp95 inclusive of postage paypal fees by buyer will post up pics later
  9. S

    A/C suddenly cycling through modes?

    I started having an issue with my A/C a few weeks ago. While the A/C is on, it cycles by itself to a different "MODE" every minute or so. By that I mean, if I have it set to blow through the upper vents, it will switch "MODE" and start blowing through the bottom vents, then switch to both, then...
  10. K

    WTB: S15 interior parts needed

    I am looking for these parts: S15 digital climate control with pigtail S15 master switch and passenger switch with pigtail S15 radio brackets S15 carbon fiber radio surround S15 carbon fiber door switches surround S15 carbon fiber interior door handle surround I need it shipped to California...
  11. Parky

    So what does this do then?

    Never really paid much attention to this switch but it has been bugging me the last few days as I can't figure out what it does. Had a read of the ADM manual and it isn't mentioned in there so I assume it's a JDM thing. The switch with the orange light on..
  12. FaberNZ.blaaack-S15

    radiator fan thermal switch?

    Hey guys im wondering how do you change the temp for when the radiator fans come on
  13. N

    Neith's JDM S15 Spec-R

    Figured I'd make a start here since I'm picking the car up 1st June :D The car is a 1999 model Spec-R, with Aero skirts and wing. It's covered 57,000 miles. It was sourced by DCY Europe (based near York and have been top guys since I started the import process) after 7 failed auction bids. So...
  14. dave_t

    Apexi AVC-R Setup - S15

    Well i finished installing my Apexi AVC-R Black Edition yesterday, fitting the controller into a custom panel i made to house it, along with the relocated headlight angle switch, and rear fog light switch. First off, I input the car specific settings following the Apexi Manual, but noticed...
  15. 2fst4u

    Calling all amateur auto-electricians!

    Big problem, hopefully simple fix: Last I drove my car, the headlights were working. Between then and now, they have stopped. Kaput. Here are my symptoms: 1. Park lights and interior/dash lights turn on after turning the combination switch one click, 2. Those same lights remain on, none turn...
  16. S

    WTB: s15 window switch

    Hi guys im after the drivers window switch pack, the whole thing or just the window switch pack. maybe a big ask but thought i would try. spec s and r are the same so if you have one let me know. cheers.
  17. Fruitbooter

    Passenger window problem...AGAIN! Argghh

    Okay so today I get home from work and go to put passenger window up and nothing... Check I havent accidently pressed the lock button but no not that. ;) Im not sure if it has anything to do with the window going all the way down and under the trim, reason I say that is because I dont normaly...
  18. XTension

    Switch off Airbag? How to?

    Hi, I´m doing some drift/track time next month, and i´m thinking if it´s easy to switch the airbag off? Like a fuse or something ? Thank you for your time Cheers XT
  19. D

    Reverse Light Switch wiring.

    Im looking for a wiring diagram to show how the reverse light gearbox switch and the actual reverse lamps are related. i need to find where the wires go from the reverse light switch?.any help would be great..
  20. fadli256

    Driver side door lock and window problem

    Hi guys, Im encountring problems with my JDM spec S15 spec R drivers side switches 1) Power window - switch wont move window. Switch has clicking noise, as does the regulator (regulator becomes warm when switch is activated) but the window wont go up. Passenger side works fine. 2) Power door...