1. ChrisKnottIns

    How Chris Knott is combating the upcoming insurance tax rise...

    You’ll probably be aware that the former Chancellor (in November 2015's budget) levied a second increase in Insurance Premium Tax on unsuspecting motorists, bringing the duty up a further half a percent to a ‘nice’ round 10%. This following another recent increase from 6% to 9.5%. The new 10%...
  2. F

    How much is 6 months tax?

    How much is 6 months tax need to know to send a check to Dvla when I register car, think it's 129.25 but want to double check, it's a 1999 model
  3. ChrisKnottIns

    Discount on UK Breakdown Cover for members

    UPDATE: Discounted breakdown cover, PLUS you beat the tax man! Hi, You can now save even more money if you switch to Chris Knott UK Breakdown Cover before 1 Dec! On 1st November (yesterday), the Chancellor increased the amount of tax you have to pay as part of your insurance premiums. The...
  4. Surfing Boris

    car tax in UK

    I am looking to import an S15 using the guys at Torque GT but one bit of advice I have been given is to try and get a car no newer then 2001 because a late 2001 or early 2002 model has a more expensive car tax due to changes in legislation at that time. Does anybody know anything about this and...
  5. S15AK

    Importing parts question?

    Hi Guys I need to get hold of an S15 coilpack harness loom. Now Nissan UK have 3 week lead time and cost £82 + VAT. I can get the same part for about £70-90 from Oz or Japan. So my question is around import tax, from experience would I be best ordering from Oz or Japan to try and avoid...

    Car tax

    Just in the process of registering my S15 and just wondering what people car car tax a year / 6months
  7. Fruitbooter

    Selling you car abroad?

    Has anyone had any experience with this? Someone from Germany is interested in my car and I just want to make sure I do everything correct if its a genuine sale. What do you do about the tax? My tax runs out end of April so I will probably end up taxing it for nothing as it will be leaving...
  8. fez06

    FS: Kia Picanto SE+ 1.1 litre manual 2006, 5 door hatchback. Top Spec model, LOW MILAGE!

    Kia Picanto SE+ 1.1 litre manual 2006, 5 door hatchback. Top Spec model. 30,330 miles, will change due to daily use. A very reliable, looked after car. Cheap insurance, tax and running costs. One lady owner from new. Non smoker. In Metallic blue. Colour coded bumpers and side trims. Low...
  9. S15_SAM

    FS: 2001 Vauxhall Astra 1.6 8 valve club, A/C, electrics MOT and TAX £300

    Any one interested in a cheap runabout, it's a one owner car, just got traded in at work! It's done 160,000 miles but runs and sounds good! MOT til February 2013 (had new brake lines last year) tax end of january It comes in faded red, with proper red bumpers! Lol. Its not mint but for...
  10. O

    S15 in westmeath, ireland - do you know it?

    Hi everyone new to this site and i am hoping to become a s15 owner, please if you done mind check this add out and let me know your opinions If anyone knows anything about the car please let me kno. Its 3,800, but i think its a bit steep i had a...
  11. S

    UK car tax

    I've tried to do a search and failed (does it not like words with 3 charecters) and read through this thread. My question. With the tax based on year of registration does that mean a fresh import would cost £790 for the first...
  12. S15_SAM

    FS: Ford focus 2002, 1.4 CL, 70k, tax and mot £1850

    Hi guys selling a focus I've got! Any questions then please ask here's the add! 2002 Ford Focus 1.4 CL, 5 door hatch, 70,000miles, mettalic silver - Tax and MOT until end of March 2012. Combined mpg is 42 and motorway is 52mpg. It has Air conditioning, electric windows front, PAS, central...
  13. M

    FS: Evo 8 MR FQ340 px s15

    Looking for an s15 as a project so looking for a cheap spec s, other models considered. Modified/standard etc not fussed. Please nothing overpriced or sheds.Â* MS02 MSO is my private plate and not included, the car will revert back to an 05 plate.Â* 2005 05 8 MR FQ340 36000 miles with fsh...
  14. S

    s15 road tax????

    hi people i cant seem to find out anywhere how much the road tax is for the silvia s15 6 month 12 month im sure someone will know on here haha.
  15. D

    Importing Type-S, then turboing it!

    Hi all, I've got an S13 at the moment fitted with a hump-top sr20det. I'm also in the process of importing an S15. Basically... I'm paying £2930 (+ shipping, tax, etc... but no auctioneer's fees) for a silver type-s with circa 130k kms on it, full aero kit, full electrics with guaranteed no...
  16. Curryzz


    what tax bracket is the s15, roughly how much a year:(
  17. S

    What's it like to work in UK?

    I'm thinking of doing OE in mech engineering field and wondering how it is to live and work in UK. you know... general stuff.. tranport, tax, living cost etc...
  18. M

    TAX question

    Hi mates,I?m thinking on moving to my country with the car this summer and i wondered if i can drive the car in the EU roads without the UK TAX, since mine will expiry during the summer Thanks. Regards.
  19. JEZ 8553

    New UK Tax laws...

    Assuming the emissions on an S15 is above 226 g/km ? ....get ready for ?400 a year in the good old UK... Why dont they just increase tax on Fuel (more than the 80% it already is) and scrap car tax altogether making it fair for everyone...
  20. sushiming

    Road Tax

    just got my road tax and its so wierd mines cheaper than my dads dad just got a 06 corlloa 1.6 and his has worked out to be 205 for the 12 months and mine is only 180 mines listed as a PLG but dads is petrol car here is how they rate them now tho...very surprise tho...