1. SK-R

    Found this beauty

    Anyone know what those exact wheels are? Nismos of some sort or? The ones on the rack are TE37s as far as I can see but not sure as the ones on the car.
  2. Parky

    Honey, I shrunk my S15 :(

    Not done any fiddly annoying modelling for a while so I thought I'd have a crack at making an exact replica of my 15, it's the Aoshima 1/24 Vertex Ridge kit, still a work in progress but not bad considering I haven't done anything like this for over 3 years. :) The kit came with TE37s so just...
  3. I

    Black or white TE37's on RED?

    Cant decide on what color i want my TE37's in Im leaning towards mat black what gose good with a Red s15? iv looked around on here there isent many red s15's getting around anyone got any pics?
  4. I

    TE37's on a S15

    Dose anyone have any pics of TE37's 17" on a S15 with the off set of +30 or just post the pic and if ya know the offset let me know i want some for my ride but im unsure what size to go on if i can get a view on what thay look like i can deside on what offset thanks!
  5. I

    wanted: S15 TE37 pics

    dose anyone have any pics of a S15 with 17" TE37's Red S15 if possible with black rims? thanks
  6. TriniGT

    Looking for Pics TE37s on Black S15

    Does anyone have pics of TE37s on a black S15? Looking to see what it can look like. My car is nearing final stages bodywise and need to decide on wheels. I currently have Rota GTR wheels with 18X9.5 +12mm but I am thinking it will be a tight fit .................. very tight so I am looking...
  7. N

    IF u got TE37s on ur s15 Show me

    Hey guys just want to get an idea as to what the Te37s will look like on my white s15.. so if u got pics or if ur s15 has them show me .
  8. N

    TE37's offset ?

    My s15 is a 99 Jap spec. i Will have Tein Flex or Buddy club coil overs, dont know what one yet.. guards at the back are rolled, What would the offset be if i got the TE37s in 19inch 9.5 rear and 8.5 front and would i get the concave look ? coz the flat face dont look good.
  9. Yakozan

    Yakozan's Skyline project

    I haven't really started on the S15 this winter, so I thought I might show you what I've been up to lately :) First this thingie arrived from Japan. It was in pretty good exterior condition. Some scruffs and marks. The interior wasn't the best though. I had bought a set of TE37's...