1. G

    WTB: SR20DE Distributor

    Need an SR20DE distributor, as complete as possible but any parts will be helpful as mine is super old and causing starting issues. Close to Sussex as possible ideally. Call / Text on O 7 5 8 four six five 1 7 6 6 if you have anything, or comment / PM :)
  2. D

    WTB: s15 autech

    Hi guys Im after an Autech s15 if anyone would be willing to part with there's ? drop me an email on driftdan26@gmail.com or text me on 07803717771 only after an Autech don't want a normal spec s Cheers Dan
  3. C

    WTB: A pillar boost gauge housing / front

    like this please, must be mint, cash waiting :thumbs: text me - 07909 113963 (Chris)
  4. O

    WTB: Aircon compressor bracket

    Hi Anyone got the bracket that fits on the aircon compressor for sale? Seems to have been taken off my car, so theres no tensioning pulley. Text me or pm me if you have one for sale. Cheers 07903706226
  5. N

    WTB: wanted! s15 non turbo southern ireland

    as above! looking for a non turbo s15, cash offered will reflect condition and spec of the car :) pm or text me on 083-3084001
  6. meddler

    Rules Reminder

    All, Just a reminder to make yourself aware of the rules, especially the for sale rules and the rules highlighting the use of text speak. If you are unsure what I am talking about there are links at the top of the forum page or in my signature. meddler p.s. Yes, the text speak nazi is back!
  7. Fasthands

    FS: As promised the sad day is here!! Fasthands parts emporium opens it's doors..

    Please if you want a part TEXT me stating your real name and forum username, then that part/s you wish to buy/make an offer on, and your offer... If it's in text talk I will ignore you... If you want any more photos include your email in the TEXT MESSAGE, that way I can tally email addresses...
  8. J

    WTB: Need a passenger side headlight

    As above. Text or call me 07730:568951. Thanks
  9. N

    WTB: s15 AERO front bumper, genuine or replica!!!!

    as above! genuine , replica or damaged ill take it!! pm me or text/ call 0833084001 as i have the cash needed waiting
  10. Havoc

    FS: Nissan 200sx S14, drift ready, CHEAP!

    Selling on behalf of a friend so please do not PM me, contact him direct.... For sale is a 97 200sx S14, The shell has 231k miles on it but only one other owner from new and most solid shell out of lots I have seen and still got a receipt for over £18k new. Original Engine was starting to...
  11. Fasthands

    WTB: Uprated/ Whiteline ARB's F&R must be mint condition.

    As title says really cash waiting.. PM me or text 07935597638
  12. E

    Meet: MissBanzai Charity jap tunnel run 2012

    Back for the first time in 2012 we present another London Tunnel Run, hosted by MissBanzai.com inviting all Japanese car owners! Please read the details below and follow the donation instructions. *** Note this is for Japanese cars only - no exceptions.. Non Jap cars will be refused entry ***...
  13. P

    WTB: s15 spec r in white areo kit

    hi everyone am very interested in buying a silvia spec r if anyone has one forsale please send text or ring me on 07724393751 or email pics to adampaddy@aol.com. would prefer a white one with areo kit .
  14. DeanS15

    White kitted s15 weathers on sea

    White kitted s15 westgate on sea Spotted this morning, Looked nice. one of very few I've ever seen round this way... Should read westgate on sea, iPhone predictive text grrrr
  15. J

    FS: hks silent hi power!

    good condition, the middle silencer has been removed which makrs it sound slightly more throaty. i cant upload pics at the moment because im.at work but i can text you photos. there is no dents or holes.£250+ postagethanks
  16. meddler

    Amendment to Forum Rules

    All, There has been an amendment to the For Sale rules. Please read the rules (including the Forum rules) to make yourself familiar with the changes. If you have to ask what the change is, then you haven't read them before. You should at least have a fair idea of what is in the rules. It is...
  17. meddler

    Text Speak

    This is an international forum. There are members here from non english speaking backgrounds that find it more difficult to read proper english than their primary language. Once people start using text speak, it becomes increasingly difficult for not just the non english speaking people to...
  18. DeanS15

    forum a bit....glitchy???

    i dont know if anyone else has this but most of the threads i look at now the forum is updated have pics/posts overlapping each other - pics and text are covered over making me unable to view some of it - does anyone else have this???
  19. E

    Unused front kit trial version

    Hi anything want to trade with my kit? Anybody interested?? Just text me up.. :smitten:
  20. sushiming

    FS: Mobile Tracker

    Right I am selling on behalf of a frd he has asked me to see if there is any intrested in these trackers as i have interacted with it... its pretty cool.... it comes with batterys and a hard wire kit so u can hard wire it up to the car or u could use it when u want RRP is £249.99 but offer...