1. eiden88

    FS: TougeFactory bump adjust tie rod ends

    Hi all, up for sale a set of brand new TougeFactory bump adjust (anti bump steer)tie rod ends. These would fit 14mm od tie rods, so any from s14, s14a, z32/33, standard or uprated tie rod would be straight fit for these.Won't fit non-hicas s15 tie rods. £70 +shipping (or you could arrange your...
  2. koullis

    S14 tie rods and ends to s15

    Hi, does anyone knows if the S14 tie rods and ends or just the ends fit the S15? Do i have to buy both the tie rods and ends or is it ok to buy just the S14 tie rod ends? Thank you.
  3. G

    after market tie rods/tie rod ends

    just want to know what after market tie rods and ends everyone is using ive got just jap tie rods and heavy duty tune agent tie rod ends, and a pair of rose joint tie rod ends just wanted to know what everyone use's and recomends cheers...
  4. specr

    FS: k sport tie rod ends

    i have for sale brand new k sport tie rod ends cost 120 first 100 euro
  5. W

    Increasing steering lock

    Just wondering what people have done to increase the steering angle. Was thinking of using the tie rod spacers but heard you need to use s14 tie rods and ends. Do s14 tie rod inners fit the S15? Need some more angle for drifting :D
  6. 1

    tie rod

    Anybody has any clue whether S13 tie (tie rod end) are similar to S15? It looks the same and measurement as well (12mm thread size). S14 is longer and uses M14 thread
  7. kimi

    Tein tie rod & ends

    Been looking at the Tein brochure at work ths morning, they list strengthend tie rod & ends for the s15. They give a strength chart for s13 / s14 /s15 and say that the Tein tie rod end gives you 55% more over stock on s15 ! its only a 31% strength over stock on s13, and 10% on s14. Just...
  8. C

    WTB: tie rods

    hi all im after a set of aftermarket tie rods. Anything good around? cheers andy