1. M

    FS: S15 Uras Front Bumper

    Identical to this one, very small crack underneath the headlight area. Simplest fix in the world. Bumper never been fixed or fibreglassed before £150 Collection Only, Cash on Collection - i just don't have time to post these days and this way there is no hastle. contact me on...
  2. mint

    mintofruit now up

    Hey guys, Just wanted to let you know my new blog is now online. www.mintofruit.com Im off to Japan in 2 days time and will be updating that with pics + info, So keep checking for updates ^_^ Arigato
  3. D

    How to adjust clutch pedal?

    Hey does anyone have a good guide for adjusting the clutch pedal. ordered a new clutch - christmas time, unlikely to arrive for a bit, want to see if i can get the current one to engage better. Makes clicking noises on takeoff, i'm assuming teeth -- shudders.. gone basically. Also, for those...
  4. B

    S15 giving hot air

    i have a JDM S15, and its giving hot air under foot rest. outside air is cool but inside is warm and hot all the time. it happened after i got my intercooler installed. it has climate control. i turn it down to cold max has the button which take cold air in, it help a little bit. not much...
  5. mint

    JDMtas V2 live

    Hey guys, Id just like to post up now that my website is now fully up. Well i say fully,, but i still have some reviews to do. Anyway, feel free to check it out to see some of my photo's from around Japan and cars i have featured etc. www.JDMtas.com If this is a no no, then nicely please let...
  6. C1TPT


    Hi guys, I havent actually got an s15 yet but i've been searching the forums for a while now and i'm waiting for the right one to come up! i would have loved to have got shadyuk's white aero but i couldnt get the money together in time. :( :( Is there alot of white aero s15's around or will...
  7. sands

    not so new newbie irl

    hi everyone, not so new newbie hear richard from co kilkenny ireland. s15 sper r owner since last may bout the last time i had any money to cant stop myself buying for the car since got it. on hear since bout april mostly just searching and reading up on anything needed to know dunno what...
  8. F

    Newbie s15 owner

    Hi all, Thought I joined the club just brought a 2002 spec r s15 last week after previously owning a drift spec s14a, so did an upgrade liked the s15's for a long time.
  9. LuPix_S15

    DWYB - First Taster

    Yup - had the chance to go and get the Silvia sideways properly last Wednesday!! Boy is drifting FUN :D :D I will be back and learning higher-speed initiations next time round - had to spend all day getting basics right lol... Piccies:
  10. N

    Hello From The North Of Ireland

    Hello Lads:wave: Some of you may know me from SXOC, only just registered as im on the look out for a S15 spec R. I've got the bug big time:)
  11. mint

    Tokyo Auto Salon 2009

    Whos going? I'll be there however with others at work taking holidays im limited to my time there. I should be leaving start of January and back by around the 14th. Anyone?