1. J

    WTB: Wanted stock s15 seats

    Hi guys I'm after a set of front and maybe rear bench for the s15. Must be willing to post or be on the way from Leeds to Inverness tomorrow lol Joey 07575560022
  2. S

    WTB: Abs unit near Manchester asap

    Anyone have an asap unit near Manchester? Have an issue with mine an mot is tomorrow :(
  3. B

    WTB: Dash vents

    Need some dash vents, anyone have some spare before I order from Japan tomorrow?
  4. jake

    Need help asap

    Hey I need a bit of help adapt getting my s15 dash loom to fit my rb25 det loom mostly the f4 pin This one can any body help kinda need to know it or have a diagram of it by tomorrow thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Jay-pan

    FS: Massive 4" blitz cone filter

    Removed from my car no damage ideal for running mafless. Looks pretty clean hardly used. offers not sure on price, will get pictures tomorrow
  6. Jay-pan

    FS: Solid engine mounts

    Being removed from my car tomorrow, not sure on make was told vibertechs will check and get pictures tomorrow. Cars only done 27k and these really make the car feel more responsive and gear changes great! Only engine mounts no gearbox mount. Offers £50?
  7. J

    S15 Autech cam belt or chain?

    Hi guys Odd one, after some arse ruined my spec R as it was parked up, I been looking at a new one. Now my budget has been cut short due to insurance being a pain but I am going to pick up an Autech either tonight or tomorrow... I believe the spec r were done on Chain, I would presume it's the...
  8. tooley

    FS: Driftworks low seat rail.

    Hey, i have 2 driver sides rails and I need to sell this so I can buy a passenger one instead. like new. I will get some pics soon as it's currently raining and windy so I'm not venturing to the garage! I will add pics tomorrow :) £100
  9. J

    FS: S15 wide vented front wings

    No longer need these, 25mm wider then standard vented. They will need a small repair, will get photos tomorrow. They will need painting too. £150 posted to uk
  10. Jay-pan

    WTB: Anyone close to telford, shropshire...

    Got a decat for sale that i could collect today or tomorrow?
  11. superK

    FS: Evo 7 Recaros with rails for sale

    I have a set of evo 7 seats and rails, taken out of an r32, one bracket needs moving to fit into an s15, I will get better photos tomorrow, looking for €260 ovno, based in Kildare, Ireland. Thanks.
  12. Adam L

    FS: Evo 6 Recaro reclining bucket seats

    I've decided not to fit these and put all my standard interior back in. I will take some pictures of the seats tomorrow as they're being stored at the moment. No splits, tears or fag burns on them. There is very minor wear on the drivers seat but it's so minimal I'm not sure it'll show up on...
  13. S15AK

    S15AK Nurburgring trip

    Hi Guys I will be heading off to the ring first thing tomorrow morning, so thought I'd try and post as many pics and info as I can along the way. The ferry leaves tomorrow at 7am (staying in Dover tonight), but if I can get to an internet cafe in Germany I will upload pics as I go, we are...
  14. Fruitbooter

    So whos going to Japfest tomorrow then?

    I am :D Cant wait to see some drifting and track action! Ill be over by the Club JDM stand with Mr Lupix, unfortunately my car is still on stands so I will be a passenger in either James's old S15 or another very nice S14 :nod: Hope to see some new faces tomorrow :thumbs:
  15. K

    My New Spec R

    Bought this on Friday. So far fitted: 18" Ultralite Atecs Tomei ECU Red Dot Vented, drilled discs. Walbro Fuel pump. Tomorrow: Apex Coilovers Rear lights Whilteline anti roll bars Oh and up the boost to 1.1 bar :) Happy days. The car is great. Really turns heads. Pics up tomorrow.
  16. M

    Open Event: heatwave silvia meet?????

    is there a silvia\skyline meet tomorrow,me and my mate are goin to heatwave tomorrow in s15s n wanted to know if there is one on???
  17. Hunts15

    Eire spec r

    Right lads starting off my thread of my car :nod: it will probably sink too the bottom for a couple of weeks but alot of nice things on the way :thumbs: car is a 1999 spec r pearl white mostly stantard apart from a bailys dump valve,blitz turbo timer,and a stock boost gauge:rolleyes...
  18. D

    It Finally Happened!!!!

    :thumbs:Got my engine this mornin and was so excited got stuck into it!! After 13hours of gruellin work from me and my mechanic cousin (he's the man:notworthy:) its in and its running!!!! Boo ya :D Few finishin touches tomorrow but al goin well she should be sideways out the gate by lunch time...
  19. slammedmind

    FS: Tein super street coilovers

    Nearly new, i dont drive the car much so the suspension is hardly used. Bought new from rhd japan for 1500 euro im selling them for 850 ono pics will be up tomorrow. thanks Rob
  20. D

    Smell + bad idle

    Car smells like a burning kerosine lamp - and idles like turd. Must be running rich as... I've replaced the oil, going to check sparkies & O2 sensor tomorrow - anything else that will cause this in the s15's that I should check/fix? Can't pinpoint the cause, happened after the day I switched...