1. adzsy

    FS: Spec S Automatic Transmission control module 31036 85F00

    As Above Spec S Automatic Transmission control module 31036 85F00 Just putting here in case anyone needs it. £20
  2. B

    Gearbox Specialist

    Hi All, I think a crappy short shifter has helped destroy reverse gear on my s15 six speed gearbox. I'm gonna have it repaired by Gravesend Transmission Services. I will let you low how it goes, as I understand this is a common issue on s bodies. Rgds Brian
  3. S

    Question about Nissan S15 Spec R automatic transmission

    Hi guys, I'm currently looking into buying a Nissan S15 Spec R which has an automatic transmission for $13000 with 159000km on the clock, the car is mint and near factory stock (exhaust and KN panel filter), is this a bad deal and also I've been informed there's an OD (Over Drive?) and power...
  4. cviesins

    Couple of RB Swap Questions?

    Hey guys, Just trying to clarify a couple of questions regarding a RB26 swap into a Spec R, as I have searched forum to forum with no definitive answers. Any help would be greatly appreciated! 1. From what I understand, a R33 Cross member will drop right in, and the steering rack will bolt up...
  5. R

    Water Temp Question

    Hello, first post and hope it will be my last. I have a 1987 s-15, one owner, 142,000 miles, 2.8l V6 with automatic transmission. I just got this truck this past week and had been driving an 92 S-10 with same motor in it, only 5 speed manual transmission. My question is on my 92 chevy the temp...
  6. R

    FS: Nismo engine and transmission mounts Sr20det S13, 14, 15

    Hello, I am selling a new engine and transmission mount from Nismo for 280 Euro incl. shipping to england please pm'd me. greets Ray
  7. R

    Quick Question

    Hey So I recently picked up a fresh import S15 Spec R, and one of the things that has been bugging me and making me doubt my own purchase is that my dash has the automatic transmission light strip section on it, whilst being on a manual car. So I'm sitting here thinking, has the dash been...
  8. S

    WTB: tramsmission / starter bolts, trans cross member bolts and std cold air feed

    i seem to have mislaid the tranmssion bolts i had for my s15 (i am sure they are in a 'safe' place some where !) so does any one have the following for an S15 Spec-R: transmission to block bolts (all of them ! or some of them) starter motor bolts transmission cross member to vehicle bolts...
  9. G

    WTB: leather gear lever surround for 5 speed

    i want the leather shifter boot for a 5 speed transmission. ive got a 6 speed one spare.
  10. 2fst4u

    2fst4u's SR20DET Spec S (WARNING: Lot of pics)

    Thought it might be about time I started a thread. My car started it's life as an automatic JDM Spec S. Now after a lot of work (by previous owners :D ) it has an engine and manual transmission from an S14, a tight LSD and all the rigidity of a Spec R (hence the simple little mods I've done to...
  11. B

    2nd gear jumps out

    While driving my car, the transmission jumps out of second gear when I take my foot of the gas. Any help?
  12. H

    Transmission Options?

    Eventually I'm going with a bigger turbine, I'm aiming for around 500whp. Right now I have a TD06-20G and around 380whp. I'm basically at the breaking point of my transmission especially with some sticky tires on it. My question is, what is my best option to upgrade the transmission? Options...
  13. andeep

    Open Event: DWYB Wed 15th September

    Anyone else going to this? Just finished completing my suspension and transmission setup, so can't wait to test it out! :thumbs:
  14. raytsang

    Clutch Gearbox Noise.... Answer

    Right Guys.. This is the answer to alot of peoples problem with upgraded Clutch noises. found this when browsing through the nismo site Because the lightweight flywheel has been designed and manufactured to provide...
  15. S

    Reverse Light Wiring, Auto to Manual swap

    I've got a 2000 S15 Spec S. I've swapped in an S15 Spec-R motor, and S14 transmission. I've got these plugs left from my automatic transmission wiring. I need to know which one of these I need to wire to my transmission in order to get the reverse lights working. Thanks!
  16. Yakozan

    Video: 350hp Silvia S13 with S15 engine and transmission :) Looks lovely.
  17. D

    Nissan S15 Silvia is D1 Grand Prix All Time Winning Car

    Found an article. Said i'd share it. The Nissan S15 Silvia has won more D1 Grand Prix Events than any other drift car with a total of 19 wins! The Silvia model is known for having excellent weight distribution, rear wheel drive, LSD (a more effective helical limited slip unit to be exact), the...
  18. J

    Newbies from Malaysia Sabah.

    :wave: Hi! Guys, my name is Jerry i'm 29 years old. I'm from Malaysia, Sabah. I have this S15 2001 Spec-R model Automatic transmission :p . I bought this 5 months ago hehehe... :D Vroomm~~!!! :mad:
  19. E

    Prop shaft centre support bearing auto/vs manual

    Does anyone know if the center support bearing for the auto and manual S15 is the same? I know the shafts are different but I am 'assuming' that is because the tail of the auto box is a different length to the manual - so one section of the shaft is a different size. Anyone know the answer for...
  20. E

    I think I'm cursed never to get my car running again :( :(

    Another less than positive experience today with the car. I was all ready to do the Auto to Manual swap today after the auto box gave up the ghost last month. I had all the parts I thought I needed fresh from Perfectrun and was all set. I'd agreed to purchase the MT a while back from Albert -...