1. jinli

    What is this front lip?

    I really like the under tray lip on this s15, minus the camber. It's exactly what I want but does anyone know where I can get it?? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. paddyb01

    battery tray

    well gays I just finished moving my battery to the boot and the fuse box in the bay inside the car, anyway im thinking of removing the tray the battery sits on, is it a case of just cutting it out? has anyone done this? paddy
  3. R

    WTB: S15 ash tray

    As the title says, anyone got an S15 ash tray going spare? My mate broke mine :(
  4. AllanOrr

    FS: New Japspeed FMIC S15

    Hey guys deciding to sell my FMIC I got from Japspeed a few months ago its still new in the box inc all the pipe work and hoses etc never been used or went near a car, this is the same style as the Type 1 Apex FMIC that goes through the battery tray Japseed have these on their GB @ £199 I...
  5. J0R04N

    FS: Standard plastic sump tray cover

    Got this sump tray lying around. I managed to get another one from garage d. Been stitched back together. Nothing wrong with it, as strong as it would have been before it had a knock :wack: be perfect for a drift car. Price: FREE collection prefered.
  6. C

    Battery relocation

    Has anybody on here relocated their battery to the boot? I'm looking to so this fairly soon as I'm fed up of the battery dieing after a couple of days if I forget to turn the Infill head unit off properly, and it just doesn't look right with the FMIC pipe and washer bottle neck being wedged up...
  7. J0R04N

    WTB: WANTED S15 Standard Front bumper (Aero Style)

    After the above. Just had mine repainted but the clips for the sump tray have broken off :mad: So if anyone has an aero bumper, or doesnt use there's with the sump tray and would like some cash there way along with my bumper then let me know :)
  8. E

    Which battery?

    Hi, I went on holiday for three weeks and the battery in my S15 has died :( Does anyone know what I need to replace it? Size, Amp-hourage, and where I might get one? Most useful would probably be "you need a UK market Z32 one." The current battery is marked completely in Japanese, I can't...
  9. Dan H


    I've had to buy a new battery for my recently imported 15, so I thought I'd stick up a post with the details, as I couldn't find any when searching. Armed with a tape measure, I went to Halfords to find one matching the original that was fitted. Mine had got a small battery that I assume is...
  10. D

    FMIC battery tray!

    Was told iv to only cut hole in battery tray for intercooler pipes but was lookin at the tray and under it is like the inner shell/valence. have i to cut true both or whats the story:confused::confused::confused: