1. UncleDan

    Need replacement key

    Hey guys, I see keys online everywhere but I am afraid to buy one that wont fit or will get logged in the ignition/door. No one in the US will attempt to cut a key including locksmiths unless I provide one for them . Anyone have any reliable sources or have an extra uncut key. Also, looking to...
  2. eiden88

    WTB: Uncut specR engine loom

    As per title, looking for an uncut, good condition engine loom. must be from a specR as I don't feel comfortable with using an adapted specS loom. might be interested in coilpacks and cam angle sensor too cheers
  3. T

    WTB: s15 Undertray

    Anyone have an uncut one of these they dont need?
  4. Nicely

    WTB: Undertray

    I'm after an uncut undertray if anyone's got one. UK or Ireland please :)