1. H

    Skirt fitting to a Spec S

    anyone got any advice for fitting Spec R skirts? the body doesn't have the holes for the clips, and there are no holes underneath either. I'm probably going to use self tappers on the underside and some Tigerseal PU adhesive for the body...unless someone comes up with any other idea's
  2. D

    Drka's Red Spec-R S15

    Another new car another new forum so better start a thread, How did I end up with a Jap car!!! Always loved how these look but never thought I would own one. Traveled down to Birmingham yesterday and picked up my new S15. It's maybe the cleanest S15 I have ever seen engine bay is immaculate as...
  3. S

    FS: Some standard and aftermarket parts forsale

    Just clearing out the shed and found some parts left over from my S15's Aftermarket exhaust back box in good condition with some scrapes and dents underside of box and some small scratches underside of tip £50 collected from midlands Standard Centre console in excellent condition £30 posted...
  4. Jordan

    FS: S15 Superlow downpipe for sale

    Excellent condition, no scrapes or catches on underside, circa £80 delivered but open to offers.
  5. S

    fiberglass bonnet issue

    Got an issue with the bonnet on my 15. it appears its getting to hot causing the paint to bubble around the passenger washer jet. assuming this is caused by the exhaust manifold my first thought was to wrap it but its all ready been done! is there any other way to prevent this happening. is...
  6. S

    WTB: Bonnet/Hood underside cover

    All cars I have had came with a black fiberglas type material attached to the underside (in engine bay) except my S15. Any ideas where I can get one? Thanks, Keith