1. S

    FS: Nissan Silvia S-15 Spec-R under 52,000 miles.

    SOLD Forsale is my Nissan Silvia S15 Spec-R in Pewter grey. I'm the first UK owner since it was brought into the country last September by Torque GT. Spec: Under 52,000 miles ( Only risen from just over 48,000 when I purchased ) Sigma Thatcham Cat 1 alarm system installed...

    Lumpy idle , bogging down under acceleration

    checked the plugs , they don't look worn out Changed the coilpacks for uprated ones Still happening ? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. dave_t

    Best Uprated Fuel Pump?

    I am in the process of trying to eliminate possible causes for my loss of power & also will be wanting to up the boost, so an uprated fuel pump is next on my shopping list, possibly killing two birds with one stone i had a walbro 255lph on my S14, is this what i need? can anyone link me to one...
  4. JonoS15

    FS: Nissan Silvia S15 Spec R Turbo 6 Speed for sale - Needs to go ASAP

    The time has come that i have to sell my pride and joy :-( i am buying a new house and so she has to go ASAP. Extremely good car, still runs and drives awesome considering the age. Well looked after, with no major mechanical problems. Tax until end of march 12 MOT till end of April 12...
  5. S15_SAM

    FS: Driftworks rear subframe bushes BNIB £65 delivered.

    Driftworks rear subframe bushes BNIB price drop £55 delivered. S15oc only Hi guys I have these bushes to sell as I've changed my mind on fitting them. Heres the driftworks info! £55 delivered to uk for s15oc everyone else is 60-65! "Drifting puts a lot of stress on subframe bushes...
  6. T

    WTB: Tomei pon cams 256 or 260

    As per title in good condition. Either 256 on there own or 260 with the required uprated valve springs. Cheers Alan:thumbs:
  7. sjt47y

    uprated oil pump (not fuel pump)

    Hi Guys, like to check if anyone runs an uprated oil pump? And any good? found something about GTiR pump or the PHR pump from that the driftworks car uses. But just cant find a place/website to buy it. anyone knows?
  8. D

    FS: 290bhp Astra VXR

    2006 06reg Astra VXR in Arden blue, complete with rare full heated leather option. 64,400miles (this will go up as it's my only car). The car also has the following mods - Full Remus exhaust with sports cat and new downpipe recently fitted. EDS Stage 2 remap Collins uprated actuator Forge...
  9. C

    The ultimate gearbox thread!

    Gearbox failure is relatively common and the information about it seems to be scattered all over the forum, so here it is, all condensed into one thread. Thanks to _Wing_ for suggesting the idea. The options are.. Replace 6-speed box Convert to S14 5-speed box Uprated gear sets for...
  10. pegliobaglio


    Not sure if this a problem with the clutch,or whether the car has an uprated clutch maybe. Have noticed since i have had the diff changed ,and my 2 way is no longer clunking away,that when the clutch pedal is pressed to the floor there is a light whirring noise,and when i am changing gears,and...
  11. crazymat666

    fuel pump help :)

    i am currently looking into getting a walbro uprated fuel pump as the s15 needs it and ive been advised to :) but before i go on the net and buy one my mate smashed his s14 up last year and he had a uprated pump on there which he took off and kept. im wanting to know if that pump off my mates...
  12. C

    FS: S15 Uprated gearbox mount

    Hello :) I've got this brand new S15 uprated gearbox mount for sale as it is not needed anymore due to buying a full kit (engine and gearbox mounts). It is made by Hardrace, who are an American company specialising in mounts and suspension parts. As it is a fair bit firmer than the standard...
  13. R

    WTB: S15 standard parts

    hi guys require an s15 tubby in gd condition the uprated one though not the standard T28 the part number for a standard T28 is 14411-75F00 the uprated one which I AM looking for is something like 14411-91F00 i believe i also need some S15 injectors the 480cc ones both need to be...
  14. N

    WTB: uprated injectors for rb25 det engine

    looking for a set of uprated injectors for my rb25 det 550cc+ etc must be in mint condition or new, money waiting.
  15. J

    is 5w 30 ok in sr20????

    is 5w 30 oil ok in a sr20.wit fair few mods (uprated turbo etc.)
  16. Nicely

    FS: ***SOLD*** Toyota Hilux Pickup

    Toyota Hilux 4WD Pickup (YN65) 1986 D 2 litre petrol (3Y) 2 owners since new MoT till April 2009 Taxed till July 2008 117k miles Roughtrax front and side bars Roughtrax 3” stainless roll bar Saab 9000 Aero cream leather electric seats (switches and connectors available for the heating) 130W...
  17. A

    Adam's 99 spec R

    Well lads finally got around to putting up some photos of the car,, its a 99 spec R,,got it last Saturday loving it,,its standard enough at the mo,,but not for long,,it has a blitz intake,JIC magic coilovers,18" vertec wheels,,firestone tyres,and a uprated clutch,,dont khnow what make it is...
  18. J

    Uprated Anti roll bar

    Can you really feel the benefit of uprated antiroll bars. Looking to get some but unsure if is worth it. I know a lot of you alreday have these, whats your opinion before and after....... I hope you dont have to drive it like a Pro to notice the difference..
  19. D

    Z32 afm

    Just want to know a little bout them. I presume its an uprated Air flow meter? Does it just allow more Air into engine?