1. Mycool

    FS: URAS NS-01 5x114 et30

    URAS NS-01 5x114 et30 17s Just purchased some new wheels so I have my 17' uras ns01s forsale. Recently been refurbed in black - all in good condition barr one could do with a slight touch up as some of the black has flaked off (very minor) Anyway there are 2 thats 8j et30 & 2 thats 9j et30...
  2. pegliobaglio

    FS: Lots of parts

    Right so now my s15 build is fully underway I will be selling stuff I no longer need prices are open to offers and postage is extra unless otherwise Stated More pics are available on request Oem aero boot with spoiler £250 or swap with smooth lid + £100 Bodykit - uras skirts and rear...
  3. S

    FS: Bumper swap?

    Hi guy's, I've got full oem spec r bumpers at the moment, all in very good condition. Anyone fancy a swap? Vertex, uras etc...
  4. K

    Do S15 Uras kits hang really low?

    Hey guys, I'm deciding between a Uras body kit and an Origin body kit for my S15. One thing about the Uras body kits is that in some photos it makes the car look like it is very bottom-heavy and VERY low. Is this because the owner's have lowered their car that low or because of the actual kit...
  5. K

    What front bar is this?

    ?? Is it Uras? Which type specifically? This one looks VERY similar but the left and right vents are a different shape. Anyone know what kit this one is? Thanks in advance!
  6. G

    FS: s15 uras skirts (new)

    100 euro
  7. J

    FS: s15 uras sideskirts £50 uras front bumper - £40

    hi, ive brought a vertex lang kit so no longer need these wrapped matte black at the moment. £50 and there yours. front bumper also for sale but this is cracked and chipped and will need fixing. ill get some more photos £40 :)
  8. S

    White s15 m6 6.15pm 2/06/13

    White s15 no visible front number plate, aero spoiler with chopped centre section. Yashio rear lights and what looked like a uras body kit. Seen today about 6.15 on the m6.
  9. Krish

    Uras short shifter? - anyone used it?

    Seen it in rhd http://www.rhdjapan.com/uras-short-shifter-solid-shifter-s15-6-speed-67506 Has anybody used it or know anything about it? Thanks
  10. T

    FS: Uras Type 4 bodykit

    I have for sale this Uras bodykit consisting of: - Front bumper - Rear bumper - Sideskirts - Front fenders (20mm) Color is lexus starfire pearl. So not the original S15 white pearl. Kit is located in the netherlands, will ship it but need to figure out the costs based on your location. Asking...
  11. Miss S15

    WTB: Wanted: Whole front of car.

    Hi All, Been awhile since I was on,Looking for some parts if anyone is breaking an s15 or has some of these bits lying around. Friend had a bit of a crash too much boost and well meet the back of another car! 1.Crash bar...chasis isnt bent 2.Radiator and everything that goes with that,bolts...
  12. - 0h -

    Uras 6Spd Short Shifter

    I recently come across this item here... http://www.rhdjapan.com/uras-short-shifter-solid-shifter-s15-6-speed-67506 It made by Uras so I assumed the quality is top notch but because it's a new product so I would love to see how it performs if anyone has tried it? cheers
  13. A

    FS: S15 Stock and Aftermarket Parts

    S15 Dash Mat with perfect cut outs for aircon/airbag etc. Avoid getting a cracked dash if you park your car in the sun alot :D $100 S15 Crystal Tail Lights (Smoked) $170 S15 URAS Front Bar (Black) $250 S15 URAS Side Skirts (Black) $180 JDM S15 Fold In Electric Mirrors (Black) $150 JDM...
  14. mint

    WTB: URAS Aero

    :( Need a new front and rear bumper
  15. S

    FS: *NEW* Uras Third Dimension wing

    *THIS ITEM IS NOW SOLD!!* The Uras Third Dimension wing features a carbon look finish and has been featured on a number of URAS S13, S14 and S15 Silvias. Medium Type: Width 1550mm - Height 210mm (SEE DIAGRAM BELOW) This wing is brand new and still in it's box. £200 ono
  16. K

    FS: URAS Type 4 Bodykit

    Hi! I've got at URAS Type 4 Bodykit for sale. Bought from J-Spec in Sweden and is the same bodykit as they are using on their own Driftcar. Brand new, have only tried out the frontbumper and the fitment was excellent. Price: 700£ or place a bid.
  17. mint

    FS: Gauging Interest.. Kei Chan.

    Well i'll be selling the s15 start of / mid next year. Over the next 6months i plan on the following. - New Clutch Kit - New Bushings on the front - New wheel bearings / hubs - New Intake - Oil Change - Blead the brakes - Re-fit the rear seats - Fix the front bumper The car has done around...
  18. S

    FS: URAS GT Wing *NEW*

    I Have a URAS GT Wing which is brand new and still in its box for sale, it cost me £300. I'm open to offers and will post if required. will advise on postage.
  19. mint

    Where do you buy your kits?

    Alright guys just wondered where is best to get bodykits for the 15 in this country? I'll be looking for a BN or a Uras (monkey magic y0) one in a few months so wanted to stat pricing them up. Cheers :thumbs:
  20. LuPix_S15

    This looks familiar...

    http://www.jt-culture.com/?page_id=14 Anyone recognise the white S15...?? :rotfl: That blue 200SX looks nice as well - got some kinda URAS mad kit. Three spoke wheels are always up for debate! :nod: