1. Lil SpecR

    Recommended dump valves...

    Hello :) Im just looking for which brands people here recommend for their S15s when it comes to replacing their dump valves... IVe seen Horsham developments crop up on here often (for good reasons lol!) and they do a kit - is this good? I see it prevents the suspected boost leak when over 1bar...
  2. Packham

    Bent Valves!

    Wondering if any sr20 wizards could help me out? My car isn't starting, took it to a specialist garage to where it has been before and they found the compression was very low. On further inspection almost all the valves were bent! It used to cough and splutter on full throttle when it was hot...
  3. S15AK

    Valves - SR20DET

    Hi Guys, I'm getting valve bounce, so need to change the valve springs and retainers. I need some help in sources some, and not sure if you can get uprated ones? Also as the head it off I might as well look at a cams, but not sure if its worth it as I am happy with the power it has now...
  4. S

    WTB: Cylinder head or valves & rockers

    Just wondering if anybody has a spare cylinder head or valves & rockers for sale as I managed to kill mine on christmas eve :(
  5. F

    Bang and all was quiet

    :( Well thats blown it, I was racing yesterday when the pipe to the boost controler came off so max boost and no fuel cut. Melted 2 plugs and munched some valves just in the middle of getting the head off to see the damage and start saving. Oh the joy of motor sport
  6. DeanS15

    blow off valves?

    i've been looking into blow off valves and was after something that will do the job but not sound too over the top (i want the atmospheric vent sound, but quite subtle). i was considering getting the bailey evo piston type valve from apex, as i find the ssqv fitted to my mates sti way too loud...
  7. E

    A couple more pics from my build up

    We are going to do some final polishing, but this is the head after CNC machining for bigger valves and a full porting job. Interested of your comments :)