1. G

    FS: veilside bodykit

    veilside bodykit 800$ Hi, i'am saling my veilside bodykit. -front bumper -rear bumper -side skirts -spoiler 800$ more photos soon.
  2. Parky

    FS: 18" Veilside Andrew wheels

  3. P

    I'm back.....

    Well it's been a while, about 5 years actually. My username must have been cleared because I was able to register with the same name...yay. This is my ride: 2002 model ADM S15 200SX. Still has the Veilside front bar, in fact, nothing new has...
  4. J

    Hey there from Albany, Western Australia

    Hi Everyone, I'm from Albany, Western Australia. I bought my S15 in feb this year, its an 2002 ADM Spec R, with very low KM's. Its fully stock as far as the engine goes (but i'm working on that), it has a veilside bodykit, work rims, xforce exhasut, but thats all. I have an Apexi intake kit on...
  5. N

    Another Japanese tuning company partly collapsed. I could see this one coming.

    Yet another very well known Japanes bodykit company looks to be on the edge of colapes VeilSide USA Now Closes Business. I suspect Veilside Japan will be history too shortly from the letter below. We had to stop dealing with them years ago as it was such a messy company and became far too...
  6. B

    veilside 18

    i want to refurbish my veilside 18 3piece alloys.i have takin the tyre off and is not welded, so was jst woundering are the nuts torqued?????:confused::confused:
  7. Yakozan

    pics: Honda S2000 aero??

    found this for sale here in Sweden. according to the add the rear wing is a Veilside one but I disagree and i think you will too :)
  8. N

    Thinking about going wide body, but which one?

    I have been giving thought to putting a widebody kit on my car. The two I am looking at are the Veilside D1GT and the Vertex Ridge. What does everyone think, and are there other options? Veilside D1GT Vertex Ridge
  9. P

    FMIC at last

    It's long last it's in. The bloody thing was sitting on my garage floor for the past 10 months but it's finally in :D :D :D I'know but I only picked it up after dark so I'll take some soon (dyno day on Saturday)...