1. DeanS15

    WTB: circular dash centre vents.

    one or more centre vents required for the dash - what have you got? dont need the whole body of the vent, just the face with the shutters in as good condition as possible. needed asap - people with gauges in the dash must have some spare :) let me know please. dean.
  2. DeanS15

    centre vents

    just out of curiosity, whats the going rate for a set of 3 centre vents for the dash? i'm going for 60mm gauges in there and that requires cutting the ring off for a perfect fit but wanted to know how easily/cheaply i could get replacements if required. cheers guys.:)
  3. TriniGT

    Blocking Center Vents with Defis - Future Problems???

    Using these pics for reference, I have a question regarding the gauges being installed in the center vents. I am thinking that the cold air will be hitting the back of the gauges, will that have any effects? I want to install my gauges likewise but I may just make a modification actually...
  4. J

    WTB: wanted:s15 bits

    uras b/bumper+elbow other stuff hi if you have any of this stuff could you please let me know:: aftermarket tail lights elbow 3 gauges to fit in air vents 550cc injectors uprated fuel pump u can contact me on 0860535246...
  5. P

    Gauge mounts

    I just fitted two gauges to my s15 A pillar, an air fuel ratio and a boost. I thought I might post what it turned out like as I was very happy with the result. I looked at removing the vents but I decide I liked airflow more and I looked at the A pillar pods and I didn?t like the bulk or the...
  6. S

    Air vent filter

    Hi All, does any one know how to and where is the filter element for the air vents? cause every time i turn the fan on without the ac there is unpleasant smell from the vents?? thanks All in advance :thumbs:
  7. Yakozan

    WTB: Airvent with chromed rings.

    I'm looking for these vents. I pretty sure they're Nissan genuine items. Anyone have a part number or know where I can get them? Both me and Elizium are looking for these. Merry X-mas
  8. kimi

    air vents - how to remove them?

    i need to remove my vents to get them sprayed, as whoever had the car before me decided to spray the surrounds shiny bright silver :eek: i was going to order the ones with the chrome surround,but they have been dicontinued :cry: so can anyone please tell me how to remove them carefully as...