1. T

    Not to sure

    Hi all, i want to buy a set of defo gauges to replace the air vents, any one know the perfect size gauges to get??
  2. N

    FS: Garage Clear Out: S15 Air Vents x 3 & Passenger Air Bag

    S15 Passenger Air Bag Hi Guys, Since the sale of my S15 I'm having a final garage clear out. All up for grabs before getting listed on ebay. S15 Passenger Air Bag. Was Removed from a 1999 model and has been sat on my shelf in the garage for a few years. £25 Collected Bomsgrove...
  3. B

    WTB: Dash vents

    Need some dash vents, anyone have some spare before I order from Japan tomorrow?
  4. S

    WTB: Dash heater vents (2 needed)

    Good Afternoon all, I'm in need of two heater vents for the centre of my dash, mine have been broken around 2 years now but as I'm tidying up the car and have just had the dashboard flocked its about time I replace them. awaiting a quote from nissan but I bet they aren't cheap. let me know if...
  5. Parky

    WTB: Wanted - dash heater vents x3

    If you haven't got 3 then let me know what you do have, cheers.
  6. K

    What front bar is this?

    ?? Is it Uras? Which type specifically? This one looks VERY similar but the left and right vents are a different shape. Anyone know what kit this one is? Thanks in advance!
  7. M

    WTB: gear stick surround and air vents

    as above looking the gear stick surround for a manual s15. last owner threw it out due to 5 speed box and couple of air vents wanted last owner cut them out for gauges :(
  8. M

    WTB: S15 Air vents , not the round ones, but the square's

    Does some one got these ? And are able so ship them to Norway . Thank you The vents marked red.
  9. K

    WTB: S15 Chrome air vents

    I'm looking for a set of chrome air vents. PM with pics if you have it
  10. pinky15

    FS: a/c vents, window switch controls, and speedo cluster.

    Picked up these items for members on the forum and I guess they decided they didnt want them. Tried to return them but cant so I just want the stuff gone. Ill post up some pictures tomorrow. A/c vents x5 -60$ All are in good shape but a few have the metal clips broken off but they still fit...
  11. pegliobaglio

    FS: dash vents

    Totally forgot about these ,have 2 spare dash air vents if anyone is after one? £15 each delivered in the uk
  12. pegliobaglio

    FS: spacers and air vents

    Hi guys, Have a pair 15mm hubcentric bolt on spacers come off my car,like new. Come with all the nuts etc needed to fit them £55 posted in the uk Have 2 dash air vents on ebay now
  13. pegliobaglio

    FS: dash air vents

    Hi guys ,have a couple of spare dash vents totally mint,standard grey in colour. Looking for £20 a piece+ postage
  14. crazymat666

    the thing above the middle heater vents

    just a general wondering really but does anyone know what the compartment on the dash above the 3 heater vents is for?ive opened but have no idea what its for? :)
  15. Dan H

    Finished my Defi install

    When I sold my 180sx, I took out all of the Defi gauges I had in there to put in my 15. I had the all the sensors fitted up, and could see the info on the link display, and I had changed the stock boost gauge for a Defi BF one. 9 month later I've eventually finished putting them in :D...
  16. - 0h -

    putting gauges into air vents

    hey guys...for those who have their gauges installed into those 3 air vents in the centre of the dash, just wondering when you turn on the air-con, would it effect the gauges in anyway and in long term? may be a stupid question but just want to make sure before I put them in..:p thanks guys Oh
  17. sliding-r

    FS: Standard front bumper vents

    Mint condition vents from stock front bumper £20
  18. K

    the esthirteenpointfive

    before the conversion. it used to be factory maroon or redish paint, primered it. so heres my S15 front its a slow process but almost there next month S13 SR red top. just guna run it stock for now. 5 lug conversion. ichiba front hubs, 300zx n/a rear hubs with e-brake assembly...
  19. K

    WTB: a/c air vents

    i need all 5. shipped to USA let me know thanks the one with chrome surrounds
  20. K

    dashboard air vents question

    hey im new in this forum and i have a S13.5 so im doing some dashboard work on mine and would like to swap the air vents too can someone measure this for me. are the vents the same size as the 350Z ones?