1. Nissan_S15

    Paul Walker Official Tribute Video - Created By Fellow Cast Members & Universal

    Today they launched Paul Walker's Official Tribute Video, which was Created By Fellow Cast Members & Universal studios. Really something brilliant that they have put together here, enjoy:
  2. S

    Turbo whine?

    Sorry about the crappy vid. I just made it real quick trying to catch it, the whining sound is very low. If I drive it up to boost, it'll sound fine up until around 4k rpms, then it does a crazy loud whine sound. I don't like making the car do this, but I might do it tomorrow and record it on my...
  3. S

    Wide body pearl white S15 revisited

    Hello everybody. The owner was getting married so I flew in and had a little alone time with it. lol. Enjoy! Here's a walkaround and start up video: Roberto's Cool Nissan Silvia S15 Spec-R Walkaround and Start Up (January 2013) My previous visit...
  4. C

    One white one yellow. Jimanji nights LockGelly

    White one was out drifting on track then had a bad smash, yellow one sat in the car park. Just wondering if it's anyone on here? The video can be seen here With both cars featured.
  5. JaseYpk

    Rear Wiper Won't Turn Off!

    Hellppp! No matter what position the stalk is in, the rear wiper remains on full cycle. I'm fully aware that it is 'probably' something shorting out, but the question is where? The motor assembly you see in the video looks brand new, and i've had a fiddle with that and all appears to be fine...
  6. J

    Team Japspeed - Round Three Maxxis BDC Teesside 2012 - Video

    HI Guys! We have just returned from a weekends drifting and Round 3 of the Maxxis British Drift Championship was an amazing event! With both a Championship round and then the annual Team Triple Drift Event, it was a monster of a weekend and one of the best in memory. We had a great weekend and...
  7. LuPix_S15

    LuVidz Presents *Japfest 2012* Video

    Hi folks, Just finished editing and putting together my Japfest 2012 video :) Hope you enjoy it and sorry Mike, I don't seem to have kept that clip of you reversing (or trying to lol) :wack: Cheers! James ...
  8. Re-VolveR

    please help to translate japan to english from japan video 6:45 - 7:12 what is this modification?why?
  9. N

    Bleeding lifters

    Here is a video i found on bleeding an sr20det lifter if anyone needs the help
  10. S15_SAM

    my awesomefest video

    My own edited video. enjoy!
  11. D

    Malaysia, Cyberjaya Gymkhana 1st Round

    sorry guys, video cannot be seen cause its in Facebook
  12. J

    video request s15 with throttle bodies

    hey guys, seen a video posted in a reply on here a few months ago of an s15 drifting one big corner in japan that had throttle bodies, i'm sure it was a spec s in white. anyone know the vid? jonny.
  13. sliding-r

    RX-7 vs. R34 vs. Supra vs. S15 Video
  14. sliding-r

    Cool Drifting Video Dmax Crew + Team Burst
  15. L

    Youtube Video :D

    Hello Guys Its Liam Here, Bit Late But: Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year :thumbs: Just Thought I Would Let You In On My New Youtube Video. Its Made On Sony Vegas Pro 10 (first 1):wack: On Forza Motosports 3 (Xbox 360):notworthy: Doing Some Drifting With Some Of My M8ts. :rotfl: Rendering Is...
  16. tooley

    Video of me and richy drifting

    take a look was a wicked day
  17. V

    S15 with wheels again + video

    18x9 +1 18x10 -5 video
  18. J

    a little video of our diffin day out on sunday,

    hi guys, here is a link of me in the s15 and another video of a spec s, chaser 600bp and twin cam. At a diff day in tipperary on sunday my s15 the others have a look, hope you enjoy
  19. S.K

    Video or car on dyno (lots of torque)

    Mapped by Steve @ Fc Tuning You know when he has done a good job when you break the straps on the dyno Engine has standard internals with a steel head gasket and bolt on mods only.It has a blowing mani to turbo gasket on the video below but is now fixed,