1. D

    Tomei Adjustable Cam Pulleys?

    Hi guys, Question on these pesky pulleys, I didn't really do my research and flew in straight away and purchased two cam pulleys not pausing to think about VVT? So If I am to fit both I loose my VVT! So just wanted some opinions, maybe what you guys have done? Really need to put up a build...
  2. S15AK

    VVT rattle

    Hi guys Just asking if anyone has had the VVT rattle and replaced the VTC sprocket to fix it? Only asking as I've got the rattle and I know I could maybe go with a black top head and remove the VVT altogether but didn't want to lose that mid range torque. So I've ended up buying a new VTC...
  3. E

    Anyone have a guide to changing the vvt sprocket?

    Just looking to see if anyone can give me a guise to changing the vvt sprocket?Doesnt look like a big or difficult job just is there anything I should look out for.?thanks
  4. Silverstreak

    Metallic tapping noise?

    Ok, so I know the SR20 is quite a noisy lump anyway, but mine has developed a rather noisy metallic tapping noise which gets faster with the revs and is most audible when decelerating in low gears. I have just given it it's first proper oil change with Mobil 1 0-40W after running it in for 1000...
  5. S

    FS: Garage clear out, R33 GTR brembos, 360mm disc kit, VVT sprocket, ARP rods bolts + mor

    right having a clear out, 5) S15 good VVT sprocket, come from a S15 with 60K on the clock no noises £75 6) S15 Cams, came from a 60K SR20 £50 11) ARP rod bolts for SR20, never used still in packaging: £40 no doubt there will be some more parts I add as I find them..... will also add...
  6. L

    Hi All, Few Q's about a S15 if anyone could help

    Hi All, Im Liam, 21 from West Sussex. I currently have a little EK civic vti (which i stupidly spent £1000's on) but im currently selling up and looking for an S15 & im completely new to RWD and Turbo power. I have a few questions if anyone could be kind enough to answer. Alot of my friends...
  7. B

    Best place to get vvt sprocket

    Just wondering where is the best place to get a vvt sprocket from and how much are they usually, cheers
  8. Max

    FS: Apex Type 2, S15 intake mani, VVT, cylinder head, injectors, CAS

    All parts from an S15 Spec R, 98k miles ALL at 0.7 bar boost, unmodified and untracked/abused engine. £30 Electric fan, fan controller not included £50 S15 cylinder head, with std cams rocker arms etc, no VVT kit or rocker cover £20 S15 AFM, working fine £20 Air-con system £25 Intake...
  9. A

    s15 loom to s14 non vvt engine ?? much changes to wiring needed

    hi lads engine went in my car so picked up 2.1 hks sr20det s14 non vvt engine only rebuilt . i want to fit this straight in and and keep the s15 loom . does anyone know what changes have to be done ? any help appreciated . thanks
  10. adzsy

    FS: VVT Sprocket

    Slight change of plan in one of my projects means that I have a VVT sprocket up for sale. I am going HKS Cams with standard pullies etc. It has done 37k with no noise what so ever, you can even have the solenoid with it. No idea what it's worth so I'll say £150 due to low mileage and see what...
  11. adzsy

    FS: SR20 parts

    I have for sale an SR20DE (non turbo engine) and auto box both with only 37k. I am also willing to split if anyone wants any of the ancilleries. The ancilleries are interchangeable, as is the VVT sprocket I believe. There is no rattle at all from the VVT. Still in car at the moment so can be...
  12. D

    vvt solenoid

    hi Could you help me with sorting this out: I need to change my vvt solenoid, but I would like to go for Zenki one (the one with bearing in it). Which one is it S14 04/94 - 07/96 23796-65F10 APN 23796-6P000 S14 07/96 - 06/97 23796-65F00 APN 23796-65F01 S14 06/97 - 23796-65F01 APN...
  13. Curryzz

    VVT Rattle,where can i buy the part from?

    Hi guys i want to get a new vvt sproket i think they call it?where can i order myself one,would like to get a new one rather than another nakered one?:nod: Cheers lads
  14. Curryzz

    VVT Rattle or a bottom end rattle,Worried

    VVT Rattle or a bottom end rattle,Worried (PIC ON PAGE 3) Hi guys, I have a rattle which has got worse, i think its vvt but i have had another chap say it sounds a bit bottom end,ish, i dont think it is, how can i work out what it actually is?It doesnt tap when its cold but as it warms up...
  15. B

    vvt rattle

    i have got vvt rattle in my sr20de,so what do i need to get to get rid of it:confused:asap
  16. crazymat666

    fixing vvt rattle

    hi i just wondered what sort of work is invovled with fixing vvt rattle im not bothered by mine but if its not too costly i will get it done :)
  17. crazymat666

    Grinding when warm :s

    Here's the situation people when I start the car for the first time of the day it doesn't do it after being driven and warmed up I turn it off then back on put it in any gear put the clutch down rev it up and I get a grinding noise but only on the 1st rev then it wont do it till i repeat the...
  18. G

    Another VVT Rattle issue. Video inside.

    Problem solved. It was nothing. The car had stod still for a long while.
  19. AllanOrr

    VVT / Timing Chain Noise (Total ball ache)

    Hey guys I am aware that my s15 has the VVT rattle on start up a good majority of the time and I am trying to source a VVT sproket (no joy as of yet) Though even after running 10-15 min on low years (e.g 4th gear about 30mph) and try and accelerate there is a sound like the chain is vibrating...
  20. S

    search= failure

    what exactly are the diffrences between the s15 sr20det vvt and s14 sr20det vvt? i only know that the s15 coilpacks are thinner basiclly my s15 has got a little oil leak from head gasket but i was just going to replace the hg and buy a blown s14 sr20 and build that engine up while i can...