1. M

    Interior Lights & Chimes Issue

    Hi All, Just wondering if anyone could shed some light on this issue i'm currently having. The interior lights and warning chimes in my car are playing up on my car and i want to try and fix them. The warning chime (when door is open & lights are on) is very faint and sounds weak and is...
  2. S

    Malware warning?

    Not sure if this is the right place, but when I installed Opera this evening to have a mess about I got the following warning when trying to load the forums.
  3. A

    Brake warning system wiring diagrams

    Had the brake warning lamp illuminated for a while, no obvious reason why it's on, booked it into a place to find the fault, he said wiring diagrams would help & he doesn't have any for the s15. Is everything I need in the service manual PDF I downloaded? I don't see any diagrams showing how...
  4. A

    Brake warning lamp came on when i took the handbrake off.

    Brake warning lamp came & stays on today, handbrake & brakes work fine. I think it was when i took the handbrake off to drive away, I swear I heard a noise, is there a connector plugged into the lever somewhere? How do you get to it? Thnx.
  5. Nicely

    Google Malware Warning

    Some of you may have been shown a Google malware warning when accessing the site today. This was due to a remote image in an old post (ironically one of mine :p ) linking to a site (now) recognized as being a source of malware, NOT the forum containing malware. This image has now been removed...
  6. J0R04N

    I assume this is going to ruin some people's day!

    New MOT Rules; As many of you will be in the same boat. Factory fitted HID headlights??? It states all HID headlights factory or otherwise require sprayers etc!! I don't know about you but there I no way I'm cutting holes in my bumper to fit water sprayers and wipers! So what do we do, there...
  7. sliding-r

    FS: Depo Gauges Group Buy - 25% OFF RETAIL!!! - CLOSED on Tuesday 7th Dec

    Right then after a phone call with Dave the owner of Prolex UK who is the sole distributor of DEPO gauges into the UK he has agreed that I can set up a group to give us all the benefit of a 25% discount on all DEPO gauges that he supplies. These gauges were featured in Banzai a few months back...
  8. M

    faulty Door-open warning light

    Hi guys. As of last night, my red door-open light has been lightly flickering whilst I am driving the car. When I open the door, the warning light will come on full, as it should. But when they are closed, I still get a half strength/flickering light. obviously it is a faulty sensor but I don't...
  9. T

    Stack Dash

    Has anyone here ever fitted, or is knowledgable (sp?) about fitting a stack dash to an s15. Things that had me concerned are Wiring up the warning lights like ABS, Airbag, main beams, diff warning light, etc. Wiring up the speedo as it takes its feed from the diff on the s15, would this cause...
  10. Marcus

    Engine warning light blinking?

    When I accelerate on a full gas, engine warning light (yellow one) starts to blinking after 5000rpm. It happens only when the gaspedal is pressed to bottom. If I loosen pedal a bit, its not blinking. What can make this or is it normal? Some kind of warning that you are approaching revlimiter?
  11. B

    warning chimes

    hi guys now iv had my s15 for about 2 months and the warning chimes are giving me the sh*ts - the ones where your door is open and the stereo is on or your lights are left on or whatever. is there are way to stop this? a fuse perhaps?
  12. S15RKM

    Handbrake Lamp coming on?

    I have just been driving around and my handbrake light has come on its dim and does not stay on all the time but its getting more regular, is this a warning lamp for anything else.Its not as bright as when you put the handbrake on but its there all the same. Any ideas guys.
  13. G

    Fuel Surging Issues

    I was suffering from this problem (car coughing and fuel warning lights flickered) when my fuel gauge was at quarter level during WOT. Subsequently I took it to the garage to open up the fuel hatch to inspect the fuel pump. Sure enough it was loose. It was not latched on the bracket for some...
  14. A

    s15 wont start...help

    Hey guys, yesterday evening after washing my car i tried strating it but when the key turned the annunciator lights just dim and a click sound comes without the engine starting. I assumed i had a dead battery so i proceeded to change the thing but now after connecting the terminals the car just...
  15. sushiming

    Warning everyone 'contaminated' fuel

  16. Yakozan

    Greddy electronic gauge. Very stock looking.

    Just found this on Greddy USAs website :) This should be the closest gauge there is if going for the stock look. No warning or peak hold though. But very close match to stock gauge.
  17. Nicely

    Defi Link Oil Pressure Question

    Fitted my Defi oil pressure and temp gauges at the weekend :D Noticed yesterday, though, that the warning light and buzzer for the oil pressure are on constantly after the engine is running. I know the warning goes off lower than what's set, but I set the warning at 8 bar and its going off...
  18. T

    Triple Safety Concept-WTF ?

    Hello lads, I was just wondering if any of you have this on your S15,cos I havent seen anything like this on my Spec R. Triple Safety Concept The first is "information safety" for warning the driver of potential danger, the second is "control safety" for assisting the driver in avoiding...
  19. Yakozan

    installing a Greddy warning meter

    Hello. Have anyone installed a warning meter? The instructions are in Japanese and all I can get from the greddy homepage is this pdf. http://www.greddy.com/tech/GAUGEWIRING.pdf I have a pretty good idea where to connect all the wires except the yellow one which says "(opt.) Negative warning...